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13 Flower-Themed Summer Libations

Photo via gail (Flickr) One of my favorite things about being an event planner is choosing flower arrangements that suit the occasion. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy colorful blossoms and fragrances. But why confine your flowers to a vase? This week, my blog is all about mixing up some delicious drinks that feature…Continue reading

Creatures Disguised as Flowers

Some of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures are those that disguise themselves as flowers; of course, since I am a florist… I might be a little biased! Many insects wear a flower disguise in order to protect themselves from predators by blending in to their surroundings; on the other hand, some blend in to…Continue reading

Flowers that Bloom in the Moonlight

Are you looking for some magic and romance in your life? If so, consider planting a moon garden full of plants that flower in the moonlight. Moon gardens are a great idea if you work during the daytime and don’t get much time to enjoy day-blooming flowers. Imagine yourself unwinding from a busy day surrounded by fragrant…Continue reading

Ever Wonder Why Flowers Make You Happy?

Image via Flickr by Frederic BISSON People have been giving flowers for thousands of years – there is written evidence that ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Chinese civilizations all used flowers to communicate feelings, meanings, and ideas. Famous botanist and horticulturist Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and…Continue reading

Better Desktop Gardens

There’s no denying the positive, revitalizing effects that live plants and flowers add to any decor. Our working and professional interior spaces can be made more relaxing, welcoming, and interesting with accent plants. So follow the urge to cultivate a bit of soothing green space at your own desk, where people are greeted, business is…Continue reading