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Category: DIY Flower Crafts

What is Friendsgiving?

Are you tired of your traditional Thanksgiving? There’s a new traditional holiday that you may enjoy much more than your average Thanksgiving. Give Friendsgiving a try. What is Friendsgiving? It’s right in the name. Friendsgiving is a popular blend of Friends and Thanksgiving.  Where Did Friendsgiving Come From? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the…Continue reading

Graduation Lei DIY

With most of May and June being graduation season, a really popular way to show your grad how proud you are is to gift them with a lei. Lei-giving is a Hawai’ian tradition that has also become popular for special occasions such as graduations. The history of handing out leis goes back to when voyagers…Continue reading

DIY Flower Arrangements

Photo of “Pastel Grace and Wonder” by Avas Flowers How to Put together  a Flower Arrangement  1. Consider theme or Occasion: As it’s Spring now, you may want to choose some yellows, purples or pinks, as in the bouquet pictured. 2. Pick your main flowers: Maybe you want roses, maybe carnations, maybe peonies. This is the…Continue reading

How To Make a Flower Crown

Spring is here in full force, and flowers are everywhere! I don’t know about you, but to me, flowers are just as beautiful as gemstones, and it seems a shame not to use them for adornment. Flowering branches, garden flowers, wildflowers, florist’s flowers, and even silk flowers – all of these are suitable for making…Continue reading