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Fun Decorative DIY Projects For Your Garden

Fun Decorative DIY Projects For Your Garden

Image via Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time out in the garden watering, planting, pruning, and digging up weeds. I love looking out my kitchen window to see the beautiful blossoms on my blue petunias and purple pansies. And the brilliant yellow heads of my sunflowers look so happy in the morning sun! But why not place your personal stamp on your lovely garden with a decorative DIY project? Take a look at some simple projects that will make your garden all the more appealing.

Create a Wreath for Your Garden Fence

Making a wreath is an easy way to dress up a gate or one section of a fence that surrounds a garden. Just imagine a beautiful wreath decorated with sprigs of lavender, pink roses, or blue hyacinths hanging on your garden gate! A wreath can beautify an older fence or a new one that has just received a fresh coat of white paint. Why not make the area around your garden just as beautiful as the garden itself?

Personalize a Statue for the Garden

Take a Saturday morning trip to a nearby garden store. These stores usually have a selection of small, unpainted cement statues. Wander through the selection and look for a statue that you can paint and place in your garden. Some of my favorites include rabbits, birds, frogs, and turtles. Some people prefer a classic choice such as Peter Rabbit wearing his familiar blue jacket or a statue featuring Frog and Toad from Arnold Lobel’s book series. Others like to choose something unconventional such as a dragonfly or a pelican statue. Along with painting the statue, you can personalize it by putting your last name on it. For instance, if you choose a turtle, you can use gold paint to write your name on its shell. Be sure you shop for a container of paint that’s suitable for concrete.

Create Labels for the Items in Your Garden

Try making labels for the flowers or vegetables in your garden. This simple idea allows for a lot of creativity. You may want to stencil the names of your vegetables or flowers onto rocks you find in the garden. Or you may want to write each of your labels using calligraphy. Be sure to laminate your labels before putting them in your garden so your work won’t wash away with the first rainfall!

Put Up a Unique Wind Chime

Creating a wind chime is the perfect project if you have an old tree standing in your garden or a fence where you can hang your creation. Making a wind chime is an especially fun project because you can create them out of practically anything, including pipes of different sizes, bells, bamboo sticks, and even seashells. I enjoy hearing the tinkling of the wind chimes in my garden as I sip my morning coffee in the kitchen.

Try a few of these DIY projects and your garden will become the highlight of your neighborhood. Cheers!

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