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Category: Birthday Flowers


Seeing marigolds appear here and there around my neighborhood is something I look forward to every fall. It is believed that the scent of the flowers help guide the spirits to the altars. The yellow and orange marigolds symbolize the sun and light. These brightly colored blooms never fail to inspire me, so it was no surprise to me…Continue reading

Birth Flowers for Mom

It may not be Mother’s Day anymore, but that doesn’t mean flowers aren’t still a great gift for your mom year ‘round. Birth flowers are always a thoughtful idea if you’re looking for a creative twist for flower-giving. We’ve mentioned birth flowers in previous posts in more detail but thought it would be great to…Continue reading

May Birth Flower

May Birth Flower Lily of the Valley Photo contributor: dream Happy birthday to everyone born in May! If you’re looking for a gift for a May baby, continue reading to learn more about the birth flower of this month! Turn your gift into something truly meaningful by sending your loved ones their birth month…Continue reading

April Birth Flower: Daisy and Sweet Pea

photo contributor: April is the month of two beautiful Spring blooms: the sweet pea and the daisy. Double the meaning and double the floral fun! Wonderfully paired together, bouquets of daisies and sweet peas are ideal for any occasion, both in April and throughout Spring. Daisy Daisies are delicate little flowers commonly found in…Continue reading