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Category: Plant Care

Tips for Perfect Flower Planting

Image captured by Tim Gouw “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”  Ancient Indian Proverb Today is “Plant A Flower Day”! What a perfect time to cultivate your inner green thumb and officially welcome the start of Spring. Would you try your hand at planting but aren’t sure how?…Continue reading

Tips To Get Your Garden Spring-Ready

Photo via Spring is coming soon! I’m looking forward to slipping on my gloves and digging in my little garden. Basil loves spring, too. He’s always willing to lend a paw with the digging duties. Now that the warm weather is returning, I want to start preparing my garden for a whole new collection…Continue reading

Herbs That Thrive Indoors

The end of the gardening season doesn’t have to mean the end of fresh herbs. Most herbs can be grown successfully inside on the windowsill as long as they get enough sun and water, and they will give your dishes the fresh, delicious taste found in gourmet restaurants. In addition, windowsill herb gardens can dress…Continue reading