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A Hello from Ava and Your Guide to June Birth Flowers

A Hello from Ava and Your Guide to June Birth Flowers

Hi! I’m Ava, and together with Sophie I’m helping you meet all of your special occasion needs with an enormous variety of flowers, bouquets, and gift arrangements. My love of plants and flowers transcends ordinary gift bouquets and comprises an appreciation for what it means to make someone’s milestones truly special. Today I’d like to introduce something that may be new to you, but I think you’ll love.

Buying birthday gifts can be tricky. Is your gift too elaborate? Perhaps it isn’t lavish enough? Tired of worrying about the perfect gift for a special someone? Birthday month flowers are the ideal solution! Less expensive than a real birthstone, and more genuine than a knock-off, birthday flowers are the ideal balance between offering a fabulous gift and spending tons of money.

June Birthday Flowers

Image via Flickr by cocohana

The June birth flower is the versatile, storied, and universally adored rose. Roses come in a variety of colors, each one sending a unique message to the recipient. Red roses convey romantic love. Pink symbolize happiness. White roses indicate innocence and purity, the perfect gift for a daughter, niece, or grandchild. Yellow roses mean friendship, ideal for coworkers, sisters, sorority sisters, and other special ladies.

The other June flower is the honeysuckle, which is a suitable companion to any color rose. Honeysuckles symbolize everlasting love, whether that love is romantic, friendly, or a deep family connection. June’s birthstone is the pearl, which is a bit costly. But rose and honeysuckle floral arrangements are affordable and can be delivered to your birthday person at home, at work, or wherever she happens to be spending the special day.

Even More Choices

Of course, you’re not limited to roses and honeysuckles when choosing a bouquet for a June birthday! Other arrangements to choose from include the lush Birthday Blooms Bouquet, a compilation of red, orange, and yellow flowers ideal for any birth month. Want something to last a bit longer? Try an adorable Birthday Balloon Bouquet.

Some arrangements are even designed to resemble a scrumptious birthday cake (without all those calories!), such as the Happy Birthday Flower Cake Bouquet. It even comes with candles, delivered in a cake box, for the ultimate celebration. Can’t decide between flowers and balloons? Try the Birthday Basket of Cheer, which comes with both!

Gifts to Last All Year

Some birthdays are simply too important not to celebrate all year long, which is why we created the Plant of the Month Club. With this gift, your birthday person will receive a new living plant each month for a full year. Each plant is lovingly chosen and sent directly to whomever you choose.

Are you choosing a gift for a colorful person? Take a gander at our farm fresh Rainbow Roses, an array of fresh roses in an eye-popping display of yellow, pink, blue, and green. Considering a floral arrangement, but also want something the person can hold on to longer? Try the Happy Birthday Gift Set, which comes with a precious teddy bear that lasts forever.

Celebrating special occasions with the bounty of nature’s most beautiful creations is the name of the game for Sophie and me. We hope you’ll find the perfect way to say “happy birthday” to your special person with our heartfelt designs. 

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