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What’s Your Mom’s Birth Flower?

What’s Your Mom’s Birth Flower?

With such a large selection of flowers, sometimes it can be hard choosing the right bouquet for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, there is a flower for each month. If you’re in a bind and starting to feel like you’re choosing lunch from a diner, than one option is to choose a bouquet that contains your mother’s birth flower. Not sure of what your moms birth flower is? Read on, we’ve got more to tell you.

January is the month for the carnation or snowdrop. Carnations are a common option at any florist as the meaning behind them are a sign of love and admiration. Although Snowdrops are not as popular as carnations they are another option for the January birth flower and your mother may appreciate the uncommonness of the bouquet. These flowers are white, small in size and represent friendship in rougher times.

February is the month for the violet or primrose. The recognizable violet can represent faith and spiritual passion. Meanwhile, the primrose (or Primula vulgaris) can represent youth. Both flowers thrive in partial shade.

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The daffodil is the flower of March. The bright daffodil (or Narcissus) represents regard and devotion. This pleasant flower was originally called an affodell but no one really knows why.

The April birth flowers are the daisy and the sweetpea. The daisy represents innocence and is the epitome of spring. The sweetpea tends to flourish more in cooler weather and should be kept away from heat.

The birth flowers for May are the lily of the valley or hawthorn. Our post on the lily of the valley sheds some light on what the lily of the valley is all about. The hawthorn comes in two different types the Crataegus or theRhaphiolepis. The crataegus can be found in Northern Africa, Europe and North America. The rhaphiolepis is found in various parts of Asia.

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June is the month for the most coveted of flowers, the rose. The rose represents love, passion and beauty. Did you know that the rose is the national flower for both England and North America? Roses are not only rich in color but rich in history.

July’s birth flower is larkspur (aka the delphinium). This fragrant flower can represent an open heart or a feeling lightness. You can find the larkspur in white, blue, red or yellow. Did you know that by mixing the larkspur seed with the chemical compound alum makes a blue ink?

The month of August brings the birth flower, poppy. Poppies have round petals and come in various colors. The meaning behind a poppy often symbolizes the remembrance of soldiers who fought in World War l. Many poppies have four petals and are delicate.

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September brings to us the birth flowers of the aster or morning glory. Aster is Greek for “star” and is a suited name for these star shaped flowers. An aster is a talisman for love and patience. The morning glory also has a well-suited name. This flower blooms in the morning and withers by the time night has fallen. This means the flower blooms freshly each morning.

The October birth flowers are the calendula or cosmos. Calendulas are more commonly known as marigolds and can be used for various medicinal purposes. A calendula is great for topical ointments to help inflammation and skin irritations. You will usually find this flower in shades of yellow and orange. Cosmos are easy to grow annual flowers that represent joy or harmony.

The chrysanthemum, or “mum” for short, is November’s birth flower. The mum represents cheer and wealth. This flower is closely related to daisies and are native to Northeastern Europe and Asia.

The final month of the year is represented by the birth flowers narcissusand holly. The narcissus is trumpet-shaped in the center and surround by multiple petals. The holly is a more commonly-known flower that is related to December and represents good wishes. This festive flower is a common choice of decoration in Western societies during the holidays.

With so many options, why not give your mom some flowers year ‘round? Gifting your mom with birth flowers is not only thoughtful but more personalized. Show her you care all the time!

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