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Graduation Flowers to Celebrate Your Student’s Success and Bright Future

Graduation Flowers to Celebrate Your Student’s Success and Bright Future

Making milestones special and memorable is my life’s joy. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment when people are able to make great memories to treasure forever. One of life’s most significant times is when someone fulfills her educational goals and embarks on a new chapter in her life! I’ve learned some great techniques for honoring graduates over the years, and it’s my privilege to share them with you here.

Choosing the Right Arrangement

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When selecting flowers for graduations, it’s important to consider when and where the recipient gets the arrangement. For example, a large and cumbersome bouquet in a heavy decorative planter or vase is ideal for delivering to her home on the big day, but isn’t the best selection if you’re planning to hand it to her at the event. Always plan when and where you want her to receive her flowers, and be sure to order a suitable size and style for the venue.

Cut flowers and bouquets aren’t your only option for honoring a special graduate. An excellent way to honor her graduation day is with a living plant which she can enjoy for years to come. This gift is particularly appropriate if she’s moving out on her own into a dorm room or new apartment. Plants are an instant way for her to feel right at home from the day she moves in.

What Flowers Symbolize

Also consider what you want to convey with your floral purchase. During the Victorian era, the iris flower was borrowed from ancient Greek mythology as a symbol of hope and wisdom, a lovely sentiment to express to a graduate. The gadibolus was named “little sword” from the Roman gladiator days, and is a symbol of strength and character, which is another fantastic expression for graduates.

Heather flowers are a symbol of admiration and good luck, while roses signify appreciation and love–all wonderful messages to convey to a graduate. Traditionally, the number of roses you would give someone held meaning. 1 rose for “love at first sight,” 12 for “be mine,” so send a bunch of 25, which traditionally sends the message, “Congratulations!” Of course, no flower is inappropriate for graduation, so feel free to be creative or to send her favorite flower instead of these suggestions. Sunflowers, daisies, tulips, and lilies are all ideal choices.

What Floral Colors Mean

Choosing the color of graduation flowers is also important to impart the right message. In the world of flowers, you can always keep these color symbols in mind:

Yellow is the color of freedom and friendship

White is the color of perfection and peace

Red is the color of strength and courage (and, of course, love!)

Blue is the color of wisdom and confidence

Light pink is the color of joy and happiness

These symbols are consistent across all types of flowers and for all occasions, so you can always express the perfect sentiment at the right time.

What is the perfect graduation flower for your special someone? Naturally, it’s the one she likes the most! This is one of the easiest times to get creative, because there are virtually no restrictions or preconceived notions about what the “right” flower is! Take your time browsing the selections and pick the one that means the most to you. Likely, your special graduate will feel the same way.

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