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How to Keep Flowers Alive Longer

How to Keep Flowers Alive Longer

Do you worry that lacking a ‘green thumb’ will speed up the decaying process and prevent you from enjoying your flowers for as long as possible? Well here’s how to keep flowers alive longer. A simple tip that should keep your flowers alive not only longer, but will also help them preserve their beauty for days to come… and it’s a common household item!  The answer, my friends is ASPIRIN!

Brands such as Bayer are excellent for this easy at home gardening tip but make sure you steer clear of substitutes such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Those types of pain relievers will kill the flowers due to their chemical composition. Any miligram dose will work when using real aspirin for making your water solution.

All you have to do is crush some tablets of aspirin by using the back of a spoon and add the resulting powder to a water filled vase. Pop the flowers in this water and aspirin solution and watch as the flowers stand taller, last longer, and bring a brightness into the room! Don’t like the aspirin idea? You can also use a mixed solution of sugar, bleach, and lemon juice to make your flowers last longer.

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