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17 Fall Birthday Party Theme Ideas

17 Fall Birthday Party Theme Ideas

When it comes to fall birthday ideas, I’ve found that there is plenty of opportunity for imaginative thinking. You can build a party around the brilliant colors of autumn using the leaves, squashes and pumpkins that are glorious signs of the season. Of course, it’s always fun to build a party around a scary Halloween theme. It gives your guests a chance to put on some silly costumes and spend the evening enjoying laughs with friends. Consider some of these party theme ideas for children and/or adults who are celebrating a birthday in the autumn.

17 Fall Birthday Ideas

  • A Party with a Great Pumpkin Theme-One of the most entertaining fall birthday ideas for a children’s celebration is to build a party around the classic television production “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Be sure to take a close look at the ‘Charlie Brown cake pops’. Super Fun!
  • An Autumn Celebration with a Football Theme-Throw the man or woman of the hour a fall party with a football theme.
  • An Oktoberfest Theme-Jazz up an autumn party with an Oktoberfest theme. Use a selection of German food, Oompah band music and even costumes to help celebrate. Don’t forget the red cabbage with apples!
  • A Halloween Party PDF-No collection of fall birthday ideas is complete without a soiree with a Halloween theme. Check out these ideas for décor and food to create an authentically scary atmosphere for your party.
  • A Party Brimming with Fall Items-Check out this fall party that includes everything autumn. In the décor you will see pumpkins, fall flowers, candy corn, caramel apples, stalks of corn and wheat to name a few!
  • A Fall Celebration with a Twilight Theme -A fall party theme perfect for a celebrating boy or girl with a love for the Twilight books and movies.
  • Party with Zombies-Take a look at this fall party theme that revolves around the walking dead.
  • Munsters Celebration – Throw a costume party and ask adult guests to come dressed as characters from TheMunsters television program from the 1960s. Decorate your party venue with lots of cobwebs and spiders to set the mood. Also, put on some music such as “The Monster Mash” by Boris Pickett or “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley. Make a cake that features the Munster Koach or the faces of Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie.
  • A Storybook Character Party-Celebrate Halloween and a child’s birthday all in one night by throwing a party where guests dress up as their favorite storybook characters. Put up pictures and decorations featuring classic characters such as the Cat in the Hat, Clifford and Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Make gingerbread cookies in honor of the children’s book The Gingerbread Man. Make it a storybook party the big boy or girl will never forget!
  • A Fall Beer Party-This party with a beer theme is sure to attract a lot of adult guests. Instead of the usual drinks, serve beers that become popular every autumn including flavors like pumpkin, maple and pecan. Set plenty of samples out for guests to try. Be sure to arrange for transportation for dedicated partyers.
  • All About Pumpkins-A fall party theme with lots of pumpkins for a gathering of kids. Serve your little guests pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup and even pumpkin pasta! Also, entertain your guests with a pumpkin carving craft. They will love taking home their party favors!
  • Colors of Fall- Create a fall party for young kids with a theme that revolves around the oranges, reds and yellows of autumn. Watercolor painting or ‘leaf rubbing’ with crayons are two fun craft ideas.
  • A Scarecrow Theme – Great idea for a kid’s party. Ask your guests to come and celebrate dressed as a scarecrow. Be sure to include lots of autumn vegetables and flowers in your décor.
  • Back to School -Ask guests to dress as they did in their high school days. Serve plenty of party snacks and play a lot of rock and roll.
  • A Pilgrim Party- This is a party idea for a birthday celebration that falls close to Thanksgiving. Ask your guests to dress up in the black and white garb of pilgrims. Serve Thanksgiving fare with a twist. A cake designed as a Thanksgiving turkey is a fun idea.
  • A Haunted House- Transform your venue or home into a haunted house to help celebrate the occasion. Cobwebs, spiders, bats, mummies and ghosts are just the beginning of the options to include in the décor.
  • Witches and Wizards- Guests can help celebrate a person’s big day by dressing up as either a witch or a wizard. You can choose a Harry Potter-type décor or maybe even a décor that gives a nod to The Wizard of Oz. Be sure to have plenty of dry ice available to set up some cauldrons that will ‘…boil and bubble..’

I hope you enjoy all of your fall birthday celebrations. Cheers!-Sophie

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