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8 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Halloween Decor

Photo via Halloween is a time for ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, mummies, witches, and other scary figures. There’s a good chance you don’t think of flowers when envisioning traditional Halloween decorations, but I want to challenge you to put a twist on some traditional items of Halloween décor. Consider these eight ideas. Eight Ways to Incorporate…Continue reading

Tips To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

As a florist, I understand why people want their bouquets and arrangements of cut flowers to last as long as possible. For one, they are a beautiful addition to a home. Also, a gift of flowers is meaningful, especially if they’re given to someone in celebration of a wedding anniversary, a birth, a graduation, or…Continue reading

Why Leaves Change Color In The Fall

Photo via At this time of year, the leaves on the trees in my area seem to change color overnight. The brilliant yellow, orange, and red leaves are a pleasure to see. Not surprisingly, many people travel to the northeastern part of the United States to go leaf-peeping. Living here in New York City,…Continue reading