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Keeping The Love Alive During Romance Awareness Month

Keeping The Love Alive During Romance Awareness Month

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Did you know August is Romance Awareness Month? I bet you show your affection for your loved one every single day. At least, I hope you do! But since it’s the officialmonth for romance awareness, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for letting your significant other know how much you care.

Romantic Ideas for Dating Couples

Make a Cartoon of When You Met

This is a fun idea, especially if you have a talent for drawing. Take some colored pencils and map out the story of how you and your loved one met. Be sure to include thought bubbles for the both of you.

Send Them Flowers at Work

A man who wants to show his love for a woman can score a lot of points by sending her flowers at work, though some men might like this gift, too. Don’t forget to include a romantic note! A surprise flower delivery in the middle of a workday is always appreciated.

Make the Person a Favorite Dish

On your third date, she told you she absolutely loves spaghetti Bolognese. On your sixth date, he told you he always feels happy after eating a plate of silver dollar pancakes with maple syrup. Show your love for your significant other by making their favorite dish. I made a dish of Italian stuffed shells for my boyfriend last August, since he once told me it was a dish his mom made for him as a kid that he loved. He is still complimenting me on how good they were! I’ll have to figure out how to top that this month.

Go to a Concert

Attend a concert of a singer or band that is a favorite of your loved one. Add even more fun to the experience by getting the tickets and surprising the person with them over dinner.

Buy a Meaningful Gift

In a subtle way, find out the favorite toy of your significant other when he or she was a child. Then, look for it on eBay and give it to them during a special meal.

Romantic Ideas for Married Couples

Help With the Housework

The gift of washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and doing laundry may seem too practical when it comes to showing love, but an overwhelmed spouse will greatly appreciate this practical sign of affection.

Plan a Second Honeymoon

Chances are good that you may be able to spend a little more on a second honeymoon than you did on your first. Plan a trip to the beach or a spa or rent a cabin in the woods. Getting away from home and responsibilities is a great way to relight the fires of romance!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Make arrangements to re-enact your first date. Go to the same restaurant, see the same show, drive the same route, and even wear similar clothes. Your spouse will get a kick out of it and feel glad that you remember the date in such detail.

Read a Book Together

If you both love to read, this is an excellent way to spend time together. Get two copies of a new novel at the library or a bookstore. Then, make a reading schedule. Sharing ideas and thoughts about the book can bring the two of you closer together.

Try a Fun, Romantic Quiz or Game

There is no shortage of online games for couples who want to see how alike (or how different) they are. One idea is to fill out the Five Love Languages profile questionnaire. Learning more about yourselves and one another can strengthen your relationship. If you like more traditional games, you can buy a board game that involves questions you ask one another to get you laughing, thinking, and growing closer.

Consider Cultural Differences

The ways individuals show love for their significant other vary from culture to culture. For example, in Italy, showing affection in public is a common practice. Alternatively, in Japan, showing affection for another person is something that is done in private. In France, it’s not uncommon for a man to invite a woman to dinner with flowers, plenty of compliments, and maybe even a few lines of poetry. In America, men and women give each other gifts to express love and take trips to places they both love to visit; a shared, memorable experience is important to many American couples. Which way of showing love is your loved one most comfortable with? Make sure to give this some thought to make sure that your romantic gesture will be well-received.

I hope these ideas bring you closer to your loved one!

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