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8 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Halloween Decor

8 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Halloween Decor

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Halloween is a time for ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, mummies, witches, and other scary figures. There’s a good chance you don’t think of flowers when envisioning traditional Halloween decorations, but I want to challenge you to put a twist on some traditional items of Halloween décor. Consider these eight ideas.

Eight Ways to Incorporate Flowers Into Your Halloween Décor

  1. A Pumpkin Planter: If you want an easy-to-make Halloween decoration, then these pumpkin planters are for you. Get a real pumpkin, cut off the top, and scoop out its insides. Next, find a small container that will fit into the bottom of your pumpkin and fill it with water. A bouquet of orange roses, orange gerbera daisies, green button poms, and sunflowers makes for a beautiful mix of color.
  2. A Skull Vase: This is another easy piece of décor you can make for a Halloween party or just to put in your window. Get a plastic skull with a removable top at a craft store or even a dollar store. Remove the top, put a container in the bottom of the skull, and place your flower arrangement in it. Cut the stems to an appropriate length so they don’t cause the skull to tip over. Red roses, red gerbera daisies and red carnations can all serve as a dramatic contrast to the white skull.
  3. Pumpkin in the Moonlight: For this craft, you need a black craft pumpkin, paper, scissors, a pencil, a drill, and fresh white chrysanthemums. The result is a Halloween moon against a dark sky. I made this craft using a real pumpkin: I painted it black and glued small white chrysanthemums to it in the shape of a crescent moon. I used a moon template to make my design more precise. It was a hit at my Halloween party!
  4. A Spooky Wreath: A grapevine wreath, white and orange flowers with long stems, glue, and some small plastic witches and cats are the supplies needed for this Halloween craft. Weave the orange and white flowers through the grapevine wreath. You can wrap the stems around the grapevine to make them more secure. When you’ve covered the grapevine wreath with flowers, glue some of the small plastic witches and cats onto it to increase its Halloween vibe.
  5. A Mummy Vase: Get a few of your favorite vases from around the house and wrap the outside of each one in white cotton gauze. Take two large googly eyes and glue them to the gauze to make your mummy. Finally, put a colorful bouquet of fall blooms in each vase.
  6. A Vase Full of Treats: A few clear vases, orange and white flowers, and a couple of bags of Halloween candy are what you need for this easy project. Fill one vase with candy corn and place several silk, long-stemmed orange roses into the mixture. Fill another vase with marshmallow pumpkins and poke some silk sunflowers into the vase. Your party guests or your family members can take the flowers out to enjoy some sweets.
  7. Spider Flower Pots: If you already have some flowers growing in small clay pots, then you are halfway done with this craft. Paint each pot black, let it dry, and glue a pair of googly eyes to the front. Take a package of black pipe cleaners and stick one end of each pipe cleaner into the flower’s soil. Crook each of the eight pipe cleaners over the side of the pot to make them look like a spider’s legs.
  8. A Ghostly Bouquet: A vase of white roses is the starting point for this item of décor. Use small pieces of clear tape to secure googly eyes of all sizes on top of the roses. Buy some small plastic spiders and gauze webbing so you can arrange them on your bouquet. The spiders, webbing and googly eyes can be found at most craft stores.

I hope you let flowers play a part in your spooky décor this Halloween!

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