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Tips To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Tips To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

As a florist, I understand why people want their bouquets and arrangements of cut flowers to last as long as possible. For one, they are a beautiful addition to a home. Also, a gift of flowers is meaningful, especially if they’re given to someone in celebration of a wedding anniversary, a birth, a graduation, or another important occasion. Plus, when you order a lovely bouquet, you want to get the most enjoyment from your purchase. This week, I’ve come up with some simple things you can do to keep your cut flowers looking fresh and colorful.

10 Tips to Help Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

  1. Just Add Sugar. A half-teaspoon of sugar gives your cut flowers nutrients to help maintain their appearance. If you don’t have any table sugar, pour in a half-cup of clear soda.
  2. Mist Your Flowers. Keep a spray bottle of filtered water near your flower vase. Misting the petals allows your blooms to absorb more moisture to stay fresh.
  3. Bring in the Hairspray. Give your flowers a spritz of hairspray to keep their colors bright and vibrant. It’s best to spritz them on the undersides of the petals as well as the leaves.
  4. Drop a Penny. Drop a penny in the vase before putting your flowers in water. The copper is acidic, which serves as an antibacterial agent for your flowers.
  5. Keep the Leaves Out of the Water. Be careful when putting your flowers in a vase. If some of the leaves end up in the water, they will rot, causing the flowers to decay more quickly. Also, fish out any leaves that fall off of the stems into the water.
  6. Clean Your Vase. It’s tempting to grab a vase out of the cabinet, fill it with water, and put a flower bouquet in it right away. But take a few minutes to wash the vase with bleach and water. This removes dirt and kills any lingering bacteria from previous bouquets.
  7. Use the Packet That Comes With Your Flowers. Don’t throw away the packet of food that accompanies your bouquet. These packets contain food with an appropriate mixture of nutrients. Instead, sprinkle a small amount of the food in the water every few days to nourish your blooms.
  8. Grab the Apple Cider Vinegar. I use apple cider vinegar to clean my floors and dust my furniture. I even drink a little of it from time to time for my health. Now, I’ve discovered I can use it to keep my cut flowers looking their best! Mix two tablespoons of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and dump the mixture into your water-filled vase. Who knew?
  9. Morning or Evening Cutting Is Best. You probably already know to cut the stems of your flowers at a slant before putting them in the water. If you can, cut the stems of your flowers either in the morning or in the evening. At these times, the weather is cool and the buds of your flowers are starting to open or close.
  10. Keep the Fruit Away. Did you know that a bowl of fruit emits ethylene? This is a hormone that causes flowers to age! So keep your fruit away from your cut flowers so they won’t start wilting before their time.

Enjoy your cut flowers!

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