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July’s Birthflower: The Wonderous Water Lily

Photo via As you know, I love all kinds of flowers, but I have a special place in my heart for water lilies. These flowers spend their lives floating happily atop picturesque ponds, streams, and lakes. Along with being lovely, they fulfill specific purposes in a pond or stream’s ecosystem. This week, I’m celebrating…Continue reading

The Top 10 Family Vacation Spots in the Northeast

Photo via Summer is the time to venture out and enjoy our beautiful country. But this summer, I’m not straying too far from home, since there are plenty of great vacation spots in the Northeast. If your family is interested in enjoying lovely scenery, swimming, boating, hiking, observing wildlife, and more, I have what…Continue reading

June’s Birthflower: The Romantic Rose

Photo via I like so many things about the month of June. One of those things is its official flower, the rose. Roses are a familiar sight at many weddings and celebrations, but I’ve found they are especially popular with June brides. Roses are available in so many different colors that brides have no…Continue reading

Unique Ways To Pop The Big Question

Photo via You may have noticed, as I have, that marriage proposals seem to increase with the arrival of the warm weather. A lovely park, zoo, or spring festival serves as the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Have you ever wondered about some well-known traditions related to proposals? This week my blog sheds…Continue reading