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Wednesday July 16th 2014

Up Close and Personal - Some Tips for Macro Flower Photography

Summer is in full bloom, and now is the time to capture the fleeting beauty of flowers forever with your camera. Keep your camera handy, because you may be inspired in your garden or even on a country roadside; you never know where you will be when the perfect subject appears. I think every flower photographer should know how to take close-ups - after all, the beauty is in the details. Thanks to modern technology, taking macro photos is easy; simply select macro mode on a point-and-shoot digital camera or use a macro lens on a DSLR camera. Taking good macro photos, however, takes knowledge and practice. Read on for some simple tips on macro flower photography.

Select the Best Subject

When taking close-ups of flowers, it is essential to find a perfect subject. The slightest imperfections that can barely be seen by the naked eye will be magnified and prominent in macro photos. You should expect to spend a while looking for the right subject and plan accordingly; I say this from personal experience. It is also important to make sure nothing is in front of your chosen flower that will block the view. Remember, you can always remove foliage or other plants around your subject or bend and tie them out of the way. Consider taking a close-up of a flower with a butterfly, bee, or other insect - this will add interest.

Image via Beckwith-Zink (Diane) (Flickr)

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Tuesday July 8th 2014

Fun Decorative DIY Projects For Your Garden

Image via Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time out in the garden watering, planting, pruning, and digging up weeds. I love looking out my kitchen window to see the beautiful blossoms on my blue petunias and purple pansies. And the brilliant yellow heads of my sunflowers look so happy in the morning sun! But why not place your personal stamp on your lovely garden with a decorative DIY project? Take a look at some simple projects that will make your garden all the more appealing.

Create a Wreath for Your Garden Fence

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Wednesday July 2nd 2014

Edible Flowers For Your 4th of July BBQ

Photo by kalidoskopika (Flickr)

A Fourth of July barbecue is the perfect time to serve your friends some unique dishes. Instead of the usual fare, surprise them with a selection of foods made with edible flowers! Take a look at some recipes that will bring a dash of color and fragrance to your refreshment table.


Give your party guests a thrill by putting a new twist on traditional favorites. Serve scoops of lavender ice cream in a collection of frosted bowls. No Fourth of July celebration is complete without this delicious treat. I like to watch the surprised faces of my guests as I serve them this fragrant alternative to the old standbys! Fresh mint brownies are also a fun option for all of the chocolate-lovers at your party.

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Monday June 30th 2014

13 Flower-Themed Summer Libations

Photo via gail (Flickr)

One of my favorite things about being an event planner is choosing flower arrangements that suit the occasion. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy colorful blossoms and fragrances. But why confine your flowers to a vase? This week, my blog is all about mixing up some delicious drinks that feature a delightful flower theme. Cheers!

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Wednesday June 25th 2014

Flowers for the Bees, Birds, and Butterflies

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees... oh, and the butterflies, too! You don't need to have a large or expensive garden to attract pollinators to your garden; in fact, birds, bees, and butterflies love what some of us consider weeds. The key to attracting birds, bees, and butterflies is to plant a wide variety of flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs that are rich in nectar and that bloom at different times so there is always food available. It is also important to curtail use of pesticides and to provide shelter and water in your garden. One way to provide food and shelter is to leave seed heads and dead foliage standing on plants, especially over the winter - this is great news to me, since it means I don't have to tidy up my garden! Here are a few of my favorite flowers for attracting birds, bees, and butterflies.

Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea

Photo via e_chaya (Flickr)

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Tuesday June 24th 2014

Keep Your Party Flowers Longer Using These Tips

Photo via Lizi Beth (Flickr)

One of my favorite things to see is a delightful arrangement of flowers at a party. I especially like it if I had a hand in choosing the arrangement! After the party guests leave, I know that the flowers in the lovely arrangement will begin to droop and petals will start to drop off. But I'm happy to say that there ARE some things you can do to prolong the appearance of the cut flowers you incorporate into the decor of your party. Here is what you can do to help them to stick around a while longer to remind you of your fun gathering.

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Friday June 20th 2014

DIY Vases to Show Off Your Flowers

If you are tired of looking at the same old plain, glass vases, then read on! With a little imagination and a few supplies, vases and jars can be transformed into beautiful custom vessels to hold your stunning bouquets. You may decide you like the vases so much that you want to use them all the time to hold dried flowers, pencils, or other objects. Here are a few DIY vase ideas to get you started.

Mosaic Vases 

Photo via Sonia Newton (Flickr)

If you have always wanted to try your hand at mosaics, I recommend starting out with a mosaic vase. You will need an adhesive such as Weldbond, glass or pottery pieces, grout, a sponge, and a glass vase. You may want to draw a design onto the vase with a dry-erase marker. Then, spread the glue onto the vase and start placing your pieces of glass or pottery on the vase. You will want to place them somewhat close together. The glue needs to cure for at least 24 hours, and then you will apply the grout all over the vase, which can be bought dry or premixed. After 20 minutes, wet your sponge and carefully buff the grout off of the glass or pottery pieces. If you want, you can apply a grout sealer once the vase is completely dried.

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Thursday June 19th 2014

21 Ways to Kick off Summer!

Image via Rachel Kramer (Flickr)

The arrival of summer opens the window to a variety of creative party ideas. It's also the perfect time to get out, stretch your legs and participate in activities all day long! I thought I would offer several ideas for fun things to do to make your summer all the more enjoyable. So, get out there and have a ball!

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Thursday June 12th 2014

9 Tips for Throwing the Best Game Of Thrones Season Finale Party

The season finale of the popular television show Game of Thrones is more than enough reason to have a party. If you and your friends are fans of the show, there are plenty of creative things you can do to make your Game of Thrones party the hit of the season! I have a few tips to get your mind going on how to create a memorable gathering for your friends.

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Wednesday June 11th 2014

5 Non-Traditional Funeral Flowers

When you think of funeral flowers, chances are good that you imagine standing sprays of lilies, gladiolas, roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums in white or pastel colors. Perhaps you would like to consider something different for your loved one who has passed on. Fresh flowers at a funeral have always been a way to express love, sympathy, and memories in a way that words cannot; they still are, but in today's world, we are not limited to traditional funeral flowers. In modern times, there are no inappropriate funeral flowers, and I think this helps us to express and communicate feelings even more accurately. For example, brightly colored bouquets can celebrate a person who was cheerful and vibrant in life; exotic flowers can represent a person who loved to travel; a sunflower arrangement can serve to honor someone who loved to grow sunflowers. Here are five non-traditional funeral flowers you may want to consider.

Bird of Paradise 

Image via Flickr from Forest and Kim Starr

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