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Author: Brian Cellier

Fun Science Experiments Using Balloons Who doesn’t love a colorful balloon floating overhead? They’re pretty and fun, and they’re also great to use for science experiments. Most of these experiments only require balloons and common objects like fans, vinegar, baking soda, coins, string, or egg cartons. You can do these experiments at home whenever you…Continue reading

Your Garden and Cinnamon

Your Garden and Cinnamon Cinnamon likely has a prominent spot in your kitchen if you enjoy baking. Although sweet desserts may come to mind first when you think of cinnamon, it’s ideal in many savory dishes as well. But you can expand your use of cinnamon beyond the kitchen, too. Cinnamon makes an effective tool…Continue reading

Explaining Photosynthesis in Plants and Flowers

Discovered during the 19th century, photosynthesis is a process by which plants convert electromagnetic waves into chemical energy, which supports plant growth and regeneration. By harnessing solar power, plants use photosynthesis to produce energy stores that are harvested in the food chain. Plant-based sweeteners, such as glucose and fructose, are sugars formed from byproducts of…Continue reading