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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Are you hosting your first ever Thanksgiving this year? Are you looking for Thanksgiving table setting ideas? Why not add something classic to your table? Try a cornucopia.

bountifully beautiful cornucopia

You’ve seen them before. Cornucopias resemble wicker horns and usually have fruits, veggies, nuts, grains and even bread bursting out of them. Although we generally think of the cornucopia when it comes to Thanksgiving time, the cornucopia is actually not Native to the Americas.
The word cornucopia has Latin roots and translates to “horn of plenty”.

home and hearth cornucopia

Throughout history the cornucopia has been made from many different materials including ceramics, wood, stone and most commonly wicker. You can even try our update to the classic which features the cornucopia filled with flowers instead of fruits and vegetables. What an adorable spin on a classic.

autumn harvest cornucopia

We have a few centerpieces that would be great jumping off points for Thanksgiving table setting ideas. Visit the Thanksgiving section of our website for more ideas on your table settings. Not hosting thanksgiving but unsure of what to bring your host? The cornucopia is both thoughtful and wonderful. You can even choose from our different autumn themed arrangements for a gift to your host.

give thanks centerpiece

Imagine the look of love they’ll bestow on you when they open the door to find your arms filled with flowers. That look alone is worth more than almost anything in the world.

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