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Flowers That Symbolize Love

Flowers That Symbolize Love

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Do you order a bouquet of flowers for your loved one every Valentine’s Day? If so, you’re in good company. Many people go with a bouquet of red roses for their beloved at this time of year. Don’t get me wrong: I happen to love red roses! But there are other flowers that do an excellent job at expressing love and admiration, too. So this week, we are going to think outside the rose box and consider some other possibilities for this year’s Valentine’s Day bouquet. Enjoy!

Flowers That Symbolize Love

  1. Asters. A gathering of red asters represents undying love.
  2. Azaleas. If you’re looking for flowers that communicate your passionate love for someone, go with these blooms in red or dark pink.
  3. Camellias. Giving someone a bouquet of red camellias is an effective way to communicate your passionate love. If you want to express your longing for someone, send them a bouquet of camellias in delicate pink.
  4. Carnations. Are you a fan of these lovely flowers? If so, you can go with either white or red carnations to convey your love.
  5. Chrysanthemums. When it comes to popularity, these flowers run a close second to the rose. Tell someone you love them by giving them a cheerful bouquet of red chrysanthemums. But don’t make a mistake and give them yellow chrysanthemums: The yellow variety of this bloom conveys slighted love.
  6. Gardenias. If you have a crush on someone, giving them a bouquet of white gardenias is one way to reveal your secret love.
  7. Gloxinia. Hand someone a bouquet of purple gloxinia and you’re expressing love at first sight!
  8. Heather. Convey your admiration for someone by giving them a bouquet of heather in a shade of lavender.
  9. Irises. You may think of the traditional blue iris when you picture this bloom, but if you want to convey your feelings of love to someone, then yellow irises are the perfect choice.
  10. Jasmine. White jasmine is not only fragrant, but it symbolizes deep love. This distinctive flower is seen in many bridal bouquets.
  11. Orange Blossoms. These aromatic blooms symbolize eternal love, so it should come as no surprise to you that these blooms are seen in a lot of traditional wedding ceremonies.
  12. Orchids. This bloom is seen in many colors, but red orchids represent love. If you’re just starting a relationship with someone, yellow orchids represent new beginnings.
  13. Tulips. Red tulips are a tried-and-true option if you want to express your deep love for someone. Alternatively, if you give someone yellow tulips, you are conveying hopeless love. I consider red tulips to be a preview of springtime as well as a declaration of passionate love. Tulips are a twofer!
  14. Violets. Give blue violets to a loved one and you’re telling them that you’ll always be true. Give someone white violets and you’re asking them to take a chance on happiness.

I believe that one bouquet of carefully chosen flowers can convey your love in a simple yet effective way. Surprise your sweetheart with something different this Valentine’s Day!

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