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Flower Etiquette For All Occasion

Flowers are the perfect way to let someone know that you care. Whether it's a happy celebration of a birthday or other milestone, or you're thinking about someone who is going through a difficult time, a bouquet extends your thoughts and feelings. Thinking about the type of flower and the colors in an arrangement will help ensure that the flowers you give are the perfect representation of the occasion, your recipient's taste, and any symbolism that may be connected with the event. Choosing the best flowers to give doesn't require following hard-and-fast rules about the type and color. However, consider the circumstance and message you want to send to make sure that your gift is appropriate.

A Word About Color

While you are free to choose flowers in any hue, it may be best to observe a few traditions regarding color. When your recipient is celebrating a happy event, it's common to choose flowers in bright and festive colors. If the occasion is more somber, stick to a floral arrangement with white and yellow flowers. If you want to communicate love and romance, a big bouquet of red roses makes your intentions crystal clear. A Thank-You bouquet that contains your recipient's favorite colors is sure to be a big hit. The meaning of flower colors and color meanings vary from culture to culture and should be taken into consideration when choosing a bouquet.

Celebrating Holidays

If you want to send holiday wishes to someone with flowers, you've got many options. Valentine's Day is one of the biggest floral occasions of the year. Red roses and chrysanthemums are always popular, while carnations and primroses would also be suitable choices. Red is the main color of choice associated with romance, but pink and white are also top options. When Mother's Day rolls around in the spring, kids of all ages turn to flowers to express their love for mom. A spring bouquet has almost infinite options, so it's easy to personalize this gift with a mom's favorite flowers and colors. For winter holidays, poinsettias may be the top choice. Poinsettias come in traditional red, as well as white, yellow, and green. Other popular options for Christmas include narcissus, amaryllis, and irises.

Personal Occasions

Celebrating birthdays with flowers could never be wrong, and you have a wide array of options to send to both family and friends. A bouquet of roses, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums, or orchids could be the perfect way to say "happy birthday." A blooming plant is another winning choice. A couple celebrating an anniversary would often appreciate a blooming plant, and a floral arrangement is also a great way to wish someone a happy retirement.

Extending Sympathy

There will also be times when you turn to flowers to express your support and sympathy. Whether there's an illness or death in a family or there's another challenging situation, a tasteful floral arrangement can be the perfect way to let someone know that you're aware of their struggles. When a loss occurs, always follow a family's wishes regarding flowers. Some families prefer not to receive flowers, instead directing people to make a charitable donation. If you do send a floral arrangement, white lilies would be the traditional sympathy flower. Flowers also make a suitable gift if you're looking for a way to make a heartfelt apology.

A Few Tips

When you opt to send flowers, spend time choosing the best arrangement to suit the taste and situation of your recipient. If your flowers will be received in a small space or in an area where others share the space, keep the arrangement small and unobtrusive. Time your gift to ensure that the recipient will be able to receive them. Some hospitals have rules prohibiting flowers, so you might want to wait to send flowers until after discharge. Above all, always put yourself in your recipient's shoes to imagine how it will feel to receive the floral gift.


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