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Pride Month: Flag History and Rainbow Roses DIY

Pride Month: Flag History and Rainbow Roses DIY

Colorful roses

Pride Month is well underway with celebrations scheduled all over the world. Many major cities in the U.S., including San Francisco and New York City, have their main Pride celebrations on the weekend of June 23- 24th. Pride is a time to for everyone to come together and support equality. A key symbol that represents Pride and the LGBT movement is the rainbow flag.

The rainbow flag became a symbol for LGBT in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker. The San Francisco resident intended for each color in the flag to represent something specific. Red, which is generally at the top, represents life. Orange represents healing, yellow represents sunlight, green represents nature, blue represents peace and harmony, and purple represents spirit. When the flag was first created it also included pink for sexuality and turquoise for art, but those colors were later removed  for design purposes. Now the six-colored rainbow flag is a recognizable symbol of the LGBT movement.

Rainbow roses

Since the rainbow flag is such a huge symbol, rainbow flowers have become very relevant during this time of year. The dye process of creating rainbow roses is really interesting and involves coloring through the stems as opposed to the petals. The best way to create a rainbow effect with roses is to use white roses. With white petals, the different colors of the dye will transfer strongly and can be more clearly distinguished.

All you need to create a DIY rainbow rose are the following items:

  1. 1. White roses
  2. 2. Four different colors of water-soluble dyes 
    (preferably those of different contrasts and not colors that easily blend together).
  3. 3. A knife
  4. 4. Four cups
  5. 5. Water
  6. 6. Tape

The steps involved to make rainbow roses are quite simple:

First, take a white rose and cut the stem into four equal parts. Second, set the rose aside while you fill four separate cups with water. Fill each cup of water with a different colored dye until the liquid is opaque. Once you have all the cups set up, gather them together so that you can put each section of the stem in a different cup. Since the rose stem is split into four equal sections, balancing them into four cups should help the rose stand upright. Then all you need to do is let the rose sit and you will see the petals transform from white to a rainbow effect. Once the rose has changed colors (usually after 24 hours), you can piece the end of the stem back together with a little bit of tape. These roses are a great way to share your pride with others, and they put a colorful twist on roses.

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