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Unique Gift Ideas for the Holiday Hostess

Unique Gift Ideas for the Holiday Hostess

Tis the season for holiday parties and celebrations! In between all of the prep work, cooking, cleaning and entertaining – hosting can be almost as exhausting as it is rewarding. This holiday season, show your favorite host or hostess appreciation by surprising them with an extra special thank you.And if you’re the holiday hostess with the mostest and hosting all of the holiday shindigs, treat yourself to one (or all) of these ideas!

Keep away from direct heat sources

There’s nothing like a crackling fireplace or highly heated home on a cold winter day – especially for your flowers. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be harmful to your fresh blooms, so be sure to keep your bouquet away from those open flames or radiators.

Freshen up their day with a bouquet of flowers

Because you can be more creative than a bottle of wine. Put a smile on their face with a surprise bouquet of holiday flowers, or if your hostess has a brown thumb, a Christmas cactus might be a safer choice.

Surprise them with a spa day

That special host/hostess deserves some rest and relaxation. Treat them to a day of unwinding in luxury, with a spa gift basket full of spa-tacular goodies – from candles to bath salts to body lotions – delivered straight to their doorstep.

A Day at the Movies

Why not surprise them with a pass to the movies, snacks included?! Alternatively, queue up a few of their holiday favorite movies and winter treats so they can kick back and relax on their favorite armchair.

Start (or end) their day on a sweet note

Does your recipient have a soft spot for home-baked chocolate chip cookies? Or perhaps decadent brownies are their favorite. Make a batch of their favorite dessert – they deserve it! If you’re unable to hand-deliver their treats, consider a gift basket filled with an assortment of their favorite sweet treats.

Clean house, Clean mind

The holiday season paired with party planning can only lead to one thing: a cluttered home and mind. Help the hostess get the cleaning off her plate by lending a helping hand. You can either gather round the family and do it yourself, or scope out one of the many local home cleaning services available.

Give them the Gift of Silence

The holiday season can be a hectic one. Even if the holiday prep is done and the party planning is over, there’s still the day-to-day responsibilities that stay. The best gift you can give your host/hostess is the chance to do absolutely nothing, except relax and appreciate life’s little moments. If they have children, why not volunteer to babysit? Take their partner out for a night so they can have the house to themselves and listen to whatever cheesy holiday tunes they want without judgement. If there’s a dog that always demands attention, take them for a day at the park – remove your recipient of all responsibilities for the day. They will be eternally grateful.

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