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Tips for Decorating With Poinsettias

Tips for Decorating With Poinsettias

Photo via: Alby Headrick (Flickr)

Decorating a home with poinsettias during Christmas is a tried-and-true way to celebrate the holidays and honor tradition. To spruce up your holiday space, there are many unique ways to use poinsettias and help you to stand out from the rest of the holiday crowd. Consider the natural look of poinsettias and the different colors they can grow in for inspiration on how to tie them into your home décor. Find new ways to incorporate them into ornaments on trees and in living areas. Use them to beautify the exterior of your home and turn it into a classic piece of Winter Wonderland.

Liven Up Your Christmas Tree

Tired of decorating your Christmas tree with the usual ornaments, lights and garland? Give a unique twist to the look of your tree by covering all of its green foliage with poinsettias. Buy a bushel of poinsettias and a floral vial for each flower. Fill every vial with water and add a poinsettia to it. Then, insert the poinsettias into your Christmas tree’s foliage. For a more complete and interesting look, cover all available green areas with poinsettias to give the impression that your Christmas tree is flowering.

Turn Poinsettias into a Visual Hors D’oeuvre

Most of us can agree that Christmas dinner is a highlight of holiday get-togethers with family and friends. Make your meal more memorable by including poinsettias in place settings. Simply clip a poinsettia off of a plant and place it on your guests’ plates. The contrast between white dinnerware and the vibrant color of the flower make for a beautiful visual. Your guests can be free to take the flower home as a simple reminder of an unforgettable meal.

Take Your Poinsettias Outside

One of the easiest ways to decorate using poinsettias is to use them to decorate your front door or exterior entryway. Place poinsettias in pots, planters or other containers and set them around your door for an instant and jovial way to welcome visitors. Create a wreath using poinsettias and hang it on your door to train visitors’ eyes to the entryway of your home. Plant single poinsettias into containers no bigger than a coffee cup and line them along your walkway to brighten up your visitors’ stroll to your home. Adding poinsettias to the exterior of your home can give you a way to tie outdoor and indoor motifs together.

Choose Different Colors of Poinsettias

While most people tend to associate the color red with poinsettias, the flowers can grow in a variety of colors. Each color can support a particular theme or ambiance that you choose for your décor. Choose to decorate with white poinsettias when you want to maintain an air of formality, pink poinsettias if you’re aiming for a romantic atmosphere, or burgundy poinsettias for a similar but different way to keep tradition alive. Speckled and marbled poinsettias are also available, if you’d like to catch your visitors’ eyes and receive a lot of genuine compliments.

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