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How Flowers Improve Workplace Productivity

How Flowers Improve Workplace Productivity

Flowers are much more than just something nice to look at. In fact, they can make you happier and healthier. Flowers can improve your mood, improve your health, and improve your productivity. A basket full of flowers in front of your office desk can help you. What are you waiting for? We deliver for FREE.

The Emotional Impact of Flowers

The emotional impact of flowers is huge. They can make a space feel more welcoming and positive. They can brighten up a drab room or brighten up a dark, cold day.

A Harvard study found that those who kept flowers in their home felt more kind and compassionate during the times that they kept flowers versus the times that they didn’t. They tended to worry less and be more relaxed. Also at work, people found that flowers made them feel more enthusiastic. Not to mention that when someone gives you flowers, you are more likely to feel happy. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t buy some for yourself.

The smell of certain flowers can have emotional benefits as well. For example, lavender is known for promoting relaxation and rest. You can put some of these in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep. Some people even put them on their pillows. Magnolias and Ylang-Ylang flowers are also known for their relaxing smell. Jasmine can be stress-reducing and uplifting. In fact, many of these flowers are made into essential oils that some people use to reduce headaches, promote relaxation, or re-energize. There’s a reason so many perfumes are based off of floral scents.

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Health Benefits

Plants, including flowers, absorb carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen, giving the space more fresh air. There is a myth that plants use up all the oxygen that they absorb during the night, but that’s not true. They actually produce more oxygen during the day than they take at night, leaving us with plenty! So when you bring flowers to a patient at the hospital, you may really be doing them a favor not only by improving their mood but by improving the air quality as well.

And if we’re talking about edible flowers, there are many benefits! For example, Mexican Marigolds are great for the immune system and contain antioxidants to keep you well. Roses (and rosehips) have vitamin C. So next time you’re feeling under the weather, try adding a few flowers into your salad! Just be sure that they are the edible kind and that they haven’t been treated with anything.

Benefits in the Workplace

Studies are increasingly showing how much of a difference flowers can make. A Surrey University study asked participants to take a difficult test – one set of participants took the test in a room filled with plants, while the other group took the test in a room without. They compared skin conductivity, heart rate, and blood pressure and found that participants were less stressed when taking the test in a room full of plants. Maybe the next time you have to study for a big test, you can surround yourself with flowers.

In the workplace, flowers can help you focus. They can lighten your mood and boost your creativity. Different colors can spark different emotions in us – use this to your advantage. For example, reds and yellows will make you feel more alert and creative, while blues and purples will be more relaxing. The cypress is one flower known for boosting creativity.

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Research from the Texas A&M University found that flowers and plants in the workplace help to boost ideas. In the study, they found that men generated 15% more ideas than usual, and that women were better able to generate flexible and creative solutions to problems when plants were present. So next time you’re working on a difficult project, bring in an arrangement of flowers! Whether you spend most of your time at home, at work, or even in the car, a bouquet of fresh flowers can really make your day better. Which ones will you buy next?

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