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6 Tips for Taking Care of Flowers in the Winter

6 Tips for Taking Care of Flowers in the Winter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… especially when you fill your home with poinsettias or stunning arrangements of crisp white lilies paired with luxurious red roses. While winter flower bouquets are as stunning as the season, extra care needs to be taken to ensure these blooms survive that cold winter kiss. Here is 6 Tips on to take care of flowers in the Winter.Keep away from Direct Heat Sources

Winter is in the air. Do not forget, after the first frost, get rid of any dead flowers. Keep away from direct heat sources. There’s nothing like a crackling fireplace or highly heated home on a cold winter day – especially for your flowers. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be harmful to your fresh blooms, so be sure to keep your bouquet away from those open flames or radiators. Invest in a Humidifier

The dry winter air can be ruthless, so prepare yourself with a line of defense by investing in a humidifier. Keep the air moist enough so the stems of your flowers don’t dry out, keeping them alive for way longer.Steer Clear of Open Windows

First too hot, then too cold – flowers have a favorite temperature too! Just as you keep them away from direct heat sources, you should also keep them away from direct cold sources, like that draft coming from the window. You’ll still want to keep them by the window for those surprise rays of sunlight, just make sure they are full shut and insulated.Cut Stems Weekly (Proper Cutting Etiquette)

Keep your stems fresh by trimming the ends every two to three days for optimal water absorption. If you skipped over our first two tips, this may have to be done more frequently if the stems are drying out too quickly.

Tip: Stems should be trimmed at an angle ideally while the bottom is submerged in water. Cut about one inch off during each trimming.Keep an Eye on Water Levels

If the heat is turned up, the water in your vase may evaporate at a more rapid rate. Make sure to keep your winter flower bouquet hydrated and refill as necessary.

Tip: firmer stems require more water (about ⅔ of the vase), while softer stems require about ½ a vase full of water.Change Water and Flower Food Regularly

Water starting to look a little murky? Revive your bouquet by replacing their food and water, because plants deserve a fresh meal too!

Tip: out of flower food? Make your own with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Looking for winter care tips for your plants instead? Check out our post on protecting your plants during the colder months.

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