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Halloween DIY: a different way to use pumpkins for durable, floral decor – step-by-step

Halloween DIY: a different way to use pumpkins for durable, floral decor – step-by-step

The best thing about DIY decorations is the fact that you can create something different and unique for every occasion, using your favorite components that are guaranteed to please the eye.

This Halloween I decided to create a pumpkin centerpiece with flowers in addition to classic pumpkins with carved-out faces. Take a peek at how you can make this fancy decoration on your own, step-by-step.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 1

Start out by preparing everything you’ll need at a comfortable workstation. You’ll obviously need a pumpkin to form the base of your decor. In addition, you’ll need some floral foam and cellophane or a plastic bag. The rest is up to you. Feel free to choose some farm-fresh flowers, whatever is currently growing in your garden (that includes flowers, grasses and herbs) and any dried flowers you can find at home.

I opted for fresh sunflowers, fresh chili peppers and fresh wildflowers I picked during my weekend hike. I’m also using dried hydrangeas. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and structures here; the pumpkin will be able to hold a lot! Make sure you also have a knife, scissors and garden shears at hand.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 2

Start by cutting out the top of the pumpkin and de-seeding it.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 3

Next you want to cut out a piece of floral sponge that will fit inside the carving.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 4

Soak it generously; the sponge will be keeping all the fresh flowers alive (let the sponge absorb the water on its own).

Halloween pumpkin DIY 5

Before placing it inside the squash, wrap it in cellophane to protect the squash from absorbing the liquid.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 6

Cut out any excess cellophane so it disappears from sight.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 7

Our base is now ready and the fun part can begin: arranging the flowers in the pumpkin. Start with the largest flowers that will form the base of your bouquet and finish with the smallest ones. I’m starting with dried hydrangeas.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 8

Next in line, my largest flowers are the sunflowers. Don’t forget about trimming excess stems with garden shears (we don’t recommend using scissors).

Halloween pumpkin DIY 9
Halloween pumpkin DIY 10

I’m finishing off the centerpiece with chili peppers and wildflowers.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 11

Piping is the final touch that will make your pumpkin decor even more fancy. I totally love the look of this cotton piping on this autumnal arrangement.

Halloween pumpkin DIY 12
Halloween pumpkin DIY 13

Voila! The centerpiece is ready to fancy up any room in your home.

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