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40 Everyday Things to be Thankful For

40 Everyday Things to be Thankful For

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Thanksgiving may be the one day of the year when we focus on giving thanks, but why should this day get all the fun? Each and every day offers something special to appreciate, from that scent of fresh flowers in the morning to that surge of relaxation you get when your head hits the pillow. And Good Health. Even if your health isn’t great, it could be worse and you likely still have some working parts to be thankful for. So send a “get well soon” bouquet to your friends.

Here are 40 everyday things to be thankful for, because you don’t need a Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate the little things everyday!

1. The sound of birds chirping early in the morning

2. The pinks, purples, and blues that consume the sky after sunset

3. That rush you get after an early morning workout

4. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning

5. Car rides with the perfect playlist (and company)

6. Nights spent stargazing with your loved ones

7. A moment of silence in the middle of a crazy day

8. Plopping down on your favorite couch after an exhausting day

9. A scalding hot shower on a cold winter day

10. The sound and feeling of crisp fall leaves under your shoe

11. The feeling of your cat purring on your chest

12. Hitting “book” on that holiday you’ve been saving for

13. Putting on clothing that’s still warm from the dryer

14. Your favorite team scoring that winning goal

15. That intoxicating scent of a fresh flower bouquet

16. Hot chocolate with marshmallows on top

17. A campfire on on a day you can see your breath

18. Waking up well-rested after a sensible evening

19. Rainy day puzzles with your family

20. The sound of your pet’s paws excitedly running to the door when you come home from work

21. When your local restaurant treats you with a free dessert

22. That first bite of a brownie a la mode

23. That scent that fills your home when you bake a cake

24. Teaching your kids or grandkids a new skill – and them finally getting the hang of it

25. The sound when you open a can of beer or pop open a wine cork

26. When your favorite musician releases a new track

27. The feel of a freshly sharpened pencil on paper

28. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore

29. The calm before a midsummer storm

30. Those first rays of sunlight that sneak through the shutters

31. Shadow puppets with the kids

32. Finishing the book that’s been keeping you up at night

33. Filling in the last box on a crossword puzzle

34. The sizzle your steak makes when you throw it on the grill

35. Clean clothes that still smell like your favorite fabric softener

36. Getting a surprise phone call from an old friend

37. The sound of popcorn kernels popping on movie night

38. Receiving that package you ordered weeks ago and forgot all about

39. Crisp, freshly-washed bed sheets

40. Seeing your loved ones smiling and enjoying the little things

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No matter how hard the day or week has been, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate life’s tiny moments that put a smile on your face. And as the age old saying goes, maybe even stop to smell a flower or two.

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