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My Friendly Rules for Friendsgiving

My Friendly Rules for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a celebration that brings a group of friends together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.I don’t know if this word has officially been added to the dictionary, but I do know many people who are planning to have a friendsgiving celebration this year. If you’ve been following my blogs, you won’t be surprised to learn that I have some suggestions for anyone who wants to throw a memorable celebration this November. So here goes!

My 15 Rules for Hosting a Friendly Friendsgiving

  1. Create a Lovely Table- As the host, you are responsible for setting a beautiful table for your guests. Find a festive tablecloth and dust off your best set of matching dishes. You’re likely to need a few extra plates and bowls for your celebration, so call on your friends and neighbors for any platters or dishware they can spare.
  2. The Traditional Turkey: Plan, Shop and Prepare- It’s best if the host cooks the turkey because it is very difficult to move a heavy bird around while trying to keep it hot and in one piece. The first thing to do is to find a delicious turkey recipe. I suggest you buy the turkey several days before your celebration so you have plenty of time to thaw it. Also, be sure to invest in a roasting pan, a meat thermometer and a platter big enough to hold the bird.
  3. Don’t Forget the Gravy- As host, you know that turkey and gravy go together. Surprise! You are also in charge of making the gravy. Find a fabulous gravy recipe and closely follow the instructions. Be sure to have a gravy boat so guests can pour your creation without slopping it on your table.
  4. Make It Easy on Yourself- Since you are preparing the main parts of the feast, ask your friends to bring the all-important side dishes. If they are true friends, they will be happy to contribute!
  5. Send Out Emails- It’s important to make note of any allergies or food restrictions of your guests. I suggest sending out an email to all of your guests to ask about any restrictions. If someone is a vegetarian or has an allergy, you can adjust your menu to include items for those folks.
  6. Shuffling the Stuffing -Stuffing is one of the most beloved items in this November celebration. Ask three friends to bring a different type of stuffing. Bread stuffing, sausage stuffing, mushroom stuffing and oyster stuffing are just a sampling of delicious ideas.
  7. Potatoes Are a Must-Have -Give a friend the job of preparing mashed potatoes for the feast. Instant mashed potatoes are fine as long as they are hot and there is plenty of butter available for your guests.
  8. Appetizers are Essential -Assign one of your friends the task of making several cute little appetizers. Cheese and crackers, cucumber sandwiches, etc. These can help to keep guests busy as last minute preparations are taking place in the kitchen.
  9. Dessert for Everyone!- Desserts are another critical item for your celebration. To be safe, ask four friends to bring a dessert. Be sure that they all bring something different and delectable.
  10. Cranberry Delight- This is one of three things on my list that you can request of a non-cooking friend. All the person has to do is buy a can of cranberry sauce, open it and dump it into a bowl. Case closed.
  11. Vegetables are a Must-Have- Give this food assignment to another non-cooking friend. The person can purchase and slice fresh vegetables including carrots, celery, green peppers and more.
  12. Remember the Soundtrack- Ask a non-cooking friend to handpick the background music for the meal. This will give the person a worthwhile assignment that doesn’t involve trying to use the mixer, blender or the oven.
  13. Bring the Wine- This is something that every guest can bring to the celebration. A great selection of wine makes any meal taste just a little bit better.
  14. Don’t Forget the Incidentals- There are a few additional things to have on hand for your gathering. For instance, extra ice cubes always seem to be in demand for sodas, water, and other refreshments. Extra forks and spoons are also helpful to have available so you won’t have to dash into the kitchen to wash silverware. It wouldn’t hurt to purchase an extra package of napkins and get some plastic containers for your guests who want to take home some of your lovely feast.
  15. Remember Your Smile- Even the most capable host of a friendsgiving celebration can get a little frazzled at times. If you feel yourself starting to grumble, remember that the point of the day is to share some time with good friends.

Good luck with your celebrations. Cheers! -Sophie

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