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21 Ways to Kick off Summer!

21 Ways to Kick off Summer!

Image via Rachel Kramer (Flickr)

The arrival of summer opens the window to a variety of creative party ideas. It’s also the perfect time to get out, stretch your legs and participate in activities all day long! I thought I would offer several ideas for fun things to do to make your summer all the more enjoyable. So, get out there and have a ball!

21 Ways to Kick Off Summer

  1. A Pool Party. Be the first in your group of friends to throw a pool party to celebrate the summer. I suggest you put out a buffet of light appetizers for your guests to snack on. You may want to have the party in the evening so you can turn on the outdoor lights as the sun disappears.
  2. An Alfresco Lunch. Invite two or three friends out for a picnic lunch in a pleasant park. Bring along a blanket and picnic basket full of summer foods like chicken salad sandwiches, chips, and peaches, as well as a few beverages.
  3. A Wildflower Walk. Invite a friend to go on a walk in the woods with you. Take along a guide book so you can look up any interesting types of wildflowers you see.
  4. Sandal Shopping! Call a friend or two and reserve a Saturday for sandal shopping. Be sure to get a pair to wear at the pool, the beach, and all of those summer parties you plan to host. I don’t know about you, but I think sandal shopping is more fun when done with a couple of friends.
  5. A Summer Movie Party. Host a movie party and serve different varieties of popcorn and soda. VacationOne Crazy Summer, and A Summer Place are all great movies with a summer theme.
  6. A Canoe Ride. Check out a local lake and rent a canoe with a friend. Welcome in the summertime with a peaceful trip around the lake.
  7. Beach Books. Invite a few friends to the bookstore so you pick up some books to read at the beach. I’ll admit that one of my secret pleasures is reading an exciting novel while relaxing at the beach in a chaise lounge.
  8. A Day Trip to the Beach. Swimming, reading, talking and laughing are the perfect ingredients for a beautiful summer spent with friends.
  9. The Waterslide Park. Invite a young niece or nephew to go to a waterslide park. You may even find yourself trying some of the slides and having an exhilarating ride!
  10. A Frozen Yogurt GatheringPurchase several flavors of frozen yogurt and serve them at a gathering in your backyard. Remember to buy lots of fixings including chocolate chips, chopped nuts, blueberries and raspberries. Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles!
  11. A Summer Fare Party. This is the perfect party to host if you love summertime foods. Cover your patio table with unique dishes like cucumber salad, sugar snap peas, chicken/tomato kebabs as well as garlic and herb pinwheels. A light dish for summer can be every bit as delicious as winter comfort food.
  12. Great Gatsby Soiree. Plan a party with a theme based on the classic novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Be like the characters in the book and get the most out of a warm summer evening. Guests can dress up in white suits or dresses. Women can wear pearls and cloche hats. Play some music from the 1920s and serve a lot of delicious appetizers.
  13. A Fourth of July Celebration. Enjoy some local fireworks or make your own by hosting a traditional 4th of July party. Hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato chips and soda are must-haves on your menu.
  14. Refresh Your Patio Area. Try giving your patio furniture a fresh coat of paint and replacing the cushions on your chairs. This can instantly refresh the look of your outdoor area. Of course, you’ll need to have a party to show off your new patio area.
  15. An Ice Cream Party. Get some traditional ice cream makers that operate by turning a crank. Invite some friends over to make ice cream the old-fashioned way. The homemade ice cream will be a genuine treat for your guests!
  16. Walking a Trail. Call a few friends and hike a local trail. Enjoy the birds, flowers and wildlife that are coming out of hiding with the arrival of the warm weather.
  17. Watercolor Painting. Contact a friend and sign up for a watercolor painting class. Imagine yourself sitting outside with an easel, paints and brushes to practice your lessons under the summer sun.
  18. Throw a BBQ. Put some mushrooms, pineapple, chicken and more on the grill for you and your guests. Enjoy some summer fare served on paper plates.
  19. A Summer Beverage PartyThere are plenty of drinks you and friends can mix and enjoy while sitting out on your porch. Be sure to stock up on ice and invest in some new glasses for this gathering.
  20. A Visit to an Amusement Park. Invite a few friends out and relive your childhood for a day by riding the coasters and chomping on cotton candy.
  21. Rent a Convertible. Get a great convertible and take a road trip with friends. Explore a nearby town, go to the beach, hike a trail or just enjoy the breezes rushing by.

I hope you take advantage of every day this summer and live each one to its fullest. Cheers!-Sophie.

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