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Third Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Third Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Your third anniversary is a momentous occasion that is deserving of recognition and celebration. Third anniversary flowers should be selected carefully and with thought. A relationship is a strong bond shared between two people, and an anniversary is an affirmation of this bond.

When selecting flowers for this special occasion, think about what you want to convey. Flowers customarily sent for the third anniversary are beautiful birds of paradise. Birds of paradise create a gorgeous display that is always appreciated by a recipient. The meaning of the flower is also significant to a third anniversary.


Symbolic Meaning

Birds of paradise are beautiful tropical flowers. Their majestic blooms will leave your significant other awestruck. The blooms are tall and open to create a beautiful presentation. They are called birds of paradise because they resemble the birds that can be found in the tropics.

Birds of paradise come in a variety of colors, but the most common shade is orange and green. This variety is what is mostly seen in floral arrangements. They are most frequently for the third anniversary as they carry a lot of meaning. Birds of paradise symbolize joyfulness and magnificence.

The third anniversary is represents the strengthening of the relationship. At this point, a couple has gotten to know each other at deeper and more well-rounded levels. Celebrating this accomplishment requires a unique and magnificent arrangement. A Birds of paradise bouquet is a distinct flower arrangement that is not commonly seen or given. For this reason, ending this arrangement makes it all the more special.

To enhance the meaning of your third anniversary flowers, pair birds of paradise with ti leaf. The ti leaf is known for its hearty dark green leaf which is long and broad. In many cultures, it is a symbol of strength. The ti leaf’s soft lines is the perfect complement to the angles of birds of paradise. It is an echo of the unity and delicate balance of a relationship. The combination of the two arranged together means strength, unity, and joy.

Flowers for your third anniversary should be significant to this special occasion. Birds of paradise are wonderful tropical flowers that stands to represent the occasion. The unique blooms symbolize so much more than what words can express, and only birds of paradise can embody the perfect expression of your love. 

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