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7 Tips For Throwing A Fun Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

7 Tips For Throwing A Fun Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Throwing a Cinco de Mayo fiesta is a great way to celebrate Mexico as well as the approach of summer. I like planning these parties because I can get creative with the menu as well as the décor. If you’re working on your own fiesta for Cinco de Mayo, I have some tips that you may find helpful. Buena suerte!

Seven Tips for Throwing a Fun Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

  1. Offer a Selection of Finger Foods, Buffet-Style. Setup a long buffet table and drape a colorful tablecloth over it. Prepare a large collection of finger foods with a Mexican theme. Cheese quesadillas, seven layer dip, chicken tostadas, beef enchiladas and pinto bean salsa salad are just a few suggestions. Offer something for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to enjoy. As your fiesta draws to a close, I suggest you put out some small dishes of fried ice cream for your guests. Be sure to invest in a large supply of napkins!
  2. Don’t Forget the Cerveza! Of course, you must serve some refreshments along with your delectable Mexican dishes. Watermelon or pomegranate margaritas are always a party favorite. You may want to try serving Horchata or Tequila Refresca to your guests. Mock margaritas are great for people who prefer non-alcoholic refreshments. I think that Aztec hot chocolate is perfect for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta thrown on a particularly cool evening.
  3. A Gathering of Colorful Flowers. Create a centerpiece with lots of brightly colored flowers including oranges, yellows and reds. Place it on your buffet table on top of an orange or red tablecloth. This will make your buffet table explode with color!
  4. A Taco Bar! If you want to go with something besides a traditional buffet, try putting out all of the fixings for some fabulous tacos. Start by putting out a selection of taco shells or soft tortillas followed by bowls of ground beef, refried beans, diced tomatoes, onions, guacamole, shredded lettuce, etc. Your guests can work their way down the taco bar and create their own tacos.
  5. Music for Your Fiesta. If you can’t hire a mariachi band to perform in your living room, try playing some music in the background that sets the tone for your fiesta. I suggest you start with, “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens, “Conga” by Gloria Estefan, “Mexico” by James Taylor and “They All Went to Mexico” by Willie Nelson and Carlos Santana.
  6. A Décor That Screams ‘Fiesta!’ Hang up some posters featuring Mexico and things belonging to its culture. Buy a colorful piñata and hang it in a doorway inside your place. Shop for a gathering of sombreros in various sizes and place them around your party area. Get some maracas in wild colors and make them a part of your fiesta décor.
  7. Fiesta Favors. It’s not a kid’s party, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the fiesta favors. Send your guests home with a small box that contains a container of your best homemade salsa along with some tortilla chips. Also, include a pair of sunglasses shaped like chili peppers, a plastic margarita glass and a few delicious churros (doughnut-like pastries). These are just a few tokens for your guests so they’ll remember how much fun they had at your fiesta!

So, be creative and have a blast at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Adios!-Sophie.

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