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Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Spring Wedding Look Amazing

Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Spring Wedding Look Amazing

I enjoy planning all types of events, but I’ll admit that I absolutely love a beautiful spring wedding. Many of my clients opt for an outdoor ceremony, either in a blooming garden or beneath a gathering of lovely trees. A warm, fresh breeze makes a wedding ceremony all the more pleasant for family and friends. Of course, hosting a wedding in the springtime can be somewhat tricky: A spring day may start out sunny and tranquil and end up in a burst of pouring rain. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a sobbing bride in a soaked wedding gown. So I thought I would share some secrets that can help you to avoid both big and little disasters on your spring wedding day. Enjoy!

Seven Secrets That Will Make Your Outdoor Spring Wedding Look Amazing

  1. Prepare for the Rain. Even if there is no sign of rain in the forecast, it’s best to have a plan if a light rain starts to fall during your wedding ceremony or reception. Check into the possibility of renting a tent. A tent can shield you and your guests from a light rain or a mist of raindrops. You can continue to enjoy the day beneath the tent and move the party outside when the rain decides to quit.
  2. Avoid Wedding Cake Issues. While you and your guests are enjoying the wedding celebrations, you’re not likely to notice that the wedding cake is quietly melting away. The warm breezes on a spring day can make your elegant, three-layer wedding cake begin to look like a pile of mush. The secret is simple: Instead of displaying the cake throughout your reception, leave it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to take the photos and cut some delicious slices for your guests.
  3. Protect Your Train. Mud has been an uninvited guest at many a spring wedding. If a bride has a train on her wedding gown, it can easily drop into the mud as she is making her way around her reception to greet guests. The secret to avoiding a mud-caked train is to purchase a wedding gown with a bustle, which allows you to pin up your train so it’s not dragging on the ground. This feature doesn’t detract from the appearance of the gown and prevents this type of disaster from happening.
  4. Say No to Bugs. Hosting a springtime wedding outdoors means that you may have to deal with bugs that invade your wedding venue. It’s difficult for any bride to look serene when she is slapping at a swarm of gnats swirling around her face. I suggest you bring in some insect-repellant candles and have some bug spray available for guests. Also, rethink hosting a wedding near a lake or pond in the springtime: Ponds and lakes are very busy with insects during this time of year.
  5. Prepare for Perspiration. I know from experience that most brides-to-be are nervous from the get-go. Factor in a warm spring day, and her perspiration issues really start to become a problem. To avoid sweat stains on a wedding gown, try putting underarm shields into the dress. Also, use a clear antiperspirant to control any unattractive odors. Use these tips and you won’t have to worry about looking your best.
  6. Use the Weather to Your Advantage. Preparing for rain and storms is a necessary step when planning a springtime wedding. But you can also take advantage of the weather conditions. For instance, if you’re getting married in a friend’s backyard beneath an arbor, you can decorate it with rose balls that have long ribbons attached to them. The ribbons will gently bob and flutter in the breeze as the ceremony goes on. Long streamers and tassels that are flowing in the wind add to the tranquil, peaceful tone of an outdoor wedding ceremony.
  7. Create a Solid Plan B. Dealing with a sprinkling of light rain on an otherwise sunny wedding day is one thing. A thunderstorm complete with howling winds that knock over chairs is quite another. If the weather turns ugly the day of your wedding, be sure you have plans in place for an indoor venue. It’s certainly not worth putting anyone or anything at risk just so you can say you had an outdoor wedding.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you as you move toward your springtime wedding date. Cheers! -Sophie

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