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Hostess With The Mostess: 12 Girls Night In Ideas

Hostess With The Mostess: 12 Girls Night In Ideas

Even though I love my work as an event planner, it can get very hectic at times. My favorite way to recharge my batteries is to invite over three or four of my close girlfriends for a fun evening at home. I allow myself four or five days to prepare for the evening. Of course, I arrange for my husband and daughter to spend some time at grandma and grandpa’s house. Regardless of what activity I have in mind, I always get plenty of fresh flowers to put around my home. Fresh flowers are a peaceful and lovely addition to a gathering of friends. Here are twelve of my favorite girls night ideas.

A Session of Yoga

This is one of those girls night ideas that’s both fun and healthy. When you host a girls night with a yoga theme, you need a good yoga DVD and open space in front of the television so your friends can spread out their yoga mats. Soft music playing in the background helps set a relaxing atmosphere. Prepare a few healthful treats such as carrot sticks, celery, and fruit along with hummus dip to snack on after the session.

Movie Night!

Showing a favorite DVD is an easy DIY girls night idea. Gather a stack of romantic comedies, classics and dramas so your friends have some great options to choose from. Be sure to have popcorn, soda, water and other movie-type snacks on hand for your guests.

A Wine Tasting

Ask your friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine to the gathering. You should buy two or three bottles along with a selection of cheeses to share with your guests. You and your friends will have a blast tasting some new wines and ‘arguing’ over the best one!

A Manicure/Pedicure Party

The host of a girls night with a manicure/pedicure theme has a few things to purchase. You should buy at least six or seven bottles of nail polish in various colors, nail polish remover, emery boards and cotton balls. Also, you may want to hand out some towels for your friends to put their bare feet on as they polish their toenails.

Make Pasta

Set out all of the necessary cooking utensils and ingredients in your kitchen to make a fun pasta recipe with friends. The best part about this DIY girls night activity is that you and your friends get to enjoy a meal afterward!


This activity gives your guests a way to display photos of their friends and family in a creative fashion. There are plenty ofimaginative scrapbooking ideas available. Ask your friends to purchase an empty scrapbook at the craft store and bring along the photos they want to display. Scissors, a glue gun, photo trimmers and a selection of colorful paper are a few of the basic items to have on hand for your guests to utilize.

Play Some Records

Host a girls night with a musical theme. Ask your friends to bring along their favorite LPs if they still have them and dig up some of your own old albums! Be sure to get hold of an old record player a few days ahead of time. Wine and snacks are perfect for this nostalgic activity.

A Potluck Dinner

Ask your guests to bring a favorite dish and make your own for a delightful meal with friends. A person with special talent at making desserts can supply that for the group.

A Highlighting Party

This is an entertaining activity for a group of friends who want to add some highlights to their hair. Each friend brings along the hair color she wants to use. As host, you supply the towels, sink, water and timer. While waiting for highlights to set, you and your friends can enjoy a television show and some snacks.

A Facial Party

You supply the cucumber slices, the ingredients for the facial, the towels and, of course, the snacks. You and your friends will have a hilarious time, laughing, giving one another a facial and enjoying the results of healthier, glowing skin!

A Book Talk

About a month before your girls’ night, ask your friends to read the latest popular novel. On the evening of the gathering, talk about the good and bad points of the book. Serve some wine, crackers and cheese to make the evening all the more pleasant.

Craft Night

Choose one of the many Pinterest crafts online, purchase the supplies and ask your friends over to make the craft. It doesn’t matter whether your friends are ‘crafty’ or not. This is a relaxing and creative activity for friends to share.

I hope a few of my girls night ideas appeal to you and give you a chance to recharge your batteries in the company of good friends. Cheers! -Sophie

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