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The 9 Gardening Trends That Are Sprouting In 2015

The 9 Gardening Trends That Are Sprouting In 2015

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I always look forward to trying some of the newest gardening trends that appear each year. There are so many creative ways to re-imagine a traditional garden. Plants and flowers of all different types, colors, and shapes are showing up in gardens this year. I’ve taken some time to look at a few of the most popular gardening trends of 2015. Enjoy!

Best Gardening Trends of 2015

1. Container Gardening. One reason why container gardening is so popular this year is because there is no limit to how creative a person can be. One gardener may plant daffodils, dianthus, and lavender in a collection of terra cotta pots of different sizes. Another person may plant chrysanthemums, marigolds, and pink petunias in a child’s old red wagon. Baskets, a metal washtub, a birdbath, and an old toolbox are just a few examples of items that can be recycled for container gardening.

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2. Herb Gardens. This type of garden is popular because it can be done on a small scale in a kitchen windowsill or fill up the rows in a large backyard garden. Herbs such as mint, basil, cilantro, oregano, and rosemary are easy to grow. The best part about this garden is that you can use the herbs in recipes and drinks. Or put them in a decorative dish to add a beautiful fragrance to your living space!

3. Succulent Gardens. Succulent plants are colorful and easy to care for. They come in a variety of textures and shapes. These are just a sampling of the reasons why succulent gardens are so popular in 2015. Echeveria “Afterglow” is one popular type of succulent, featuring large rosettes in bright pink or lavender. Many gardeners like to include Zebra haworthia in their collection of succulents. This plant features thick white stripes running down long, dark stalks. Other popular succulents include paddle plants, spider aloe, and blue chalk sticks.

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4. Pollinator-Friendly Gardens. Gardens that attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators are growing in popularity. This is partly due to the decrease in the bee population. Some popular flowers in these types of gardens include Russian sage, bee balm, black-eyed Susans, chrysanthemums, daisies, and zinnias. Not only do these flowers attract pollinators, but they create a colorful display on your property.

5. Fairy Gardens. This is a popular trend, especially with apartment dwellers who have limited space for a garden. As the name indicates, everything in this type of garden is miniature. For instance, someone may create a fairy garden in a small, rectangular planter. A miniature stone cottage surrounded by a picket fence can be the starting place for a fairy garden. Fairies, frogs, garden gnomes, and other inhabitants can be arranged in a planter or other container. Wooly thyme, ornamental strawberry, Irish moss, and Platt’s Black are perfect ground-cover plants for an enchanted fairy garden.

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6. Single-Color Gardens. Gardens arranged by color are becoming more popular in 2015. For instance, a person may plant only orange flowers, including marigolds, Helenium, and Lantana, in one section of a garden. Then, across the path, there may be a section just for blue flowers such as blue hydrangeas, grape hyacinth, and clematis. This can create an attractive symmetry for any garden.

7. Black Fences and Planters. White is no longer the go-to color when erecting a fence or setting up planters for a garden. Many people are painting their fences and planters black so they don’t detract from the colors of their flowers. This serves as a plain background for whatever types of exotic blooms a person wants to include in a garden.

8. Bamboo Trellises. In 2015, the bamboo trellis is increasing in popularity for individuals who love to include vines in their gardens. Bamboo is inexpensive, and there are a variety of trellis designs to choose from. A gardener can even purchase bamboo and come up with their own unique design. Also, the natural color of bamboo contributes an organic feel to a garden.

9. Vertical Gardens. This option is popular for people with limited space and unlimited creativity! A vertical garden can be made from a pallet and attached to a wall. Or a person can use a large planter as a base and stack smaller-sized planters on top of it to create a pyramid. A few flowers commonly used in vertical gardens are geraniums, begonias, and pansies.

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Take advantage of some of these ideas and make them your own!

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