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Flower Crowns: How Summer’s Hottest Floral Trend Came To Be

Flower Crowns: How Summer’s Hottest Floral Trend Came To Be

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I’ve seen a lot of flower crowns on brides and bridesmaids this summer. They are attractive and so easy to make. Along with being worn in wedding ceremonies, flower crowns are worn to parties, music festivals, outdoor theater performances, and many other types of celebrations. This week, I took a closer look at flower crowns and found out that they have a very interesting history. Enjoy!

The History of Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have shown up in many eras throughout history. In ancient Greece, wearing a flower crown was a way of honoring the gods during various celebrations. Back in the medieval period in Europe, flower crowns were worn by women and girls who attended May Day festivals celebrating the arrival of the spring season. In ancient China, flower crowns featuring orange blossoms were worn at weddings. These flowers were symbols of fertility for the bride and groom. Queen Victoria followed this ancient tradition by wearing an orange blossom flower crown at her wedding in 1840. This renewed the popularity of flower crowns in the 19th century. Some people associate flower crowns with the 1960s’ free-living hippies. Women of the 1960s wore them to concerts or weddings or even as a daily accessory.

The Popularity of Flower Crowns Today

Today, many women wear flower crowns to express their own individuality and creativity. A woman can use bold, colorful flowers and lots of greenery in her flower crown or string together a few simple stalks of baby’s breath. A bride may wear a flower crown at her wedding and dry the flowers so she can have them as a keepsake of her special day. My niece was a flower girl in a friend’s wedding, and I helped her make a flower crown brimming with pink tea roses and baby’s breath. She was so proud to wear it! In the 21st century, flower crowns are worn at sweet 16 parties, baby showers, and festivals of all kinds.

How to Make a Flower Crown

It takes just a few simple steps to make a flower crown. A crown can be made of either silk or real flowers. Besides flowers, the materials needed to make a flower crown include floral wire, floral tape, greenery, and floral wire cutters. The first step is to cut a piece of floral wire and form it into a circle. Try it on your head to make sure it fits the way you want it to. Secure the floral wire circle with tape. Next, wrap greenery around the floral wire. Using tape, secure the ends of the vine to the wire. Add flowers around your crown and secure the stems to the wire with tape. Use the wire cutters to trim off any excess stems. One of the best things about making a flower crown is that you can use practically any type of flower. Roses, dahlias, and gerbera daisies are all favorites with women who want large flowers in their crowns. Examples of smaller flowers for a more subtle crown include Shasta daisies, forget-me-nots, and pansies. A crown can have greenery on it or other items, such as berries or even leaves.

Have a fun time making your own flower crowns!

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