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Fireworks and Flowers: Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks and Flowers: Happy Independence Day!

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Independence Day is one of the most celebrated days of the American year. It is a day to remember the Founding Fathers and what they did for the cause of independence, and also a day of remembrance for those who have fought to preserve that independence ever since. Often for the 4th of July, we will throw parties, barbeques and picnics as a means of getting together in celebration, lighting firework at night. One of the best ways to decorate those parties is by displaying a variety of flowers, and of course, you can also bring an arrangement as a thank you to the party’s host.

Picking out the right flowers for Independence Day is about more than simply picking out red white and blue flowers and sticking a flag in. You want your flowers to appear festive and vibrant, a physical representation of the day’s morale. Flowers represent life, vivacity, and you want to make sure the ones you display on a day that is all about life and vivacity are doing the job right.

Independence Day Flowers To Spruce Up Your Day

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Ava’ can, of course, provide you with the 4th of July flowers you need to represent your American pride. In fact, we have a great arrangement, called the Red, White, and Blooms Basket, that is perfect for any Independence Day celebration, especially (considering it is arranged in a picnic basket) a picnic or outdoor celebration. Too often, I see my friends throw outdoor 4thof July parties without a single representation of the outdoors. Hello! It’s summer! Enjoy it!

Just Go And Have Fun With It!

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Here’s the thing about flowers… I can spend all day talking about them. Indeed, there are people like me who dedicate their entire professional lives to growing, studying, and selling flowers. Despite all this, I always like to remind people that picking out 4th of July flower arrangements doesn’t have to be complicated. Is it imperative that you buy a red white and blue flower arrangement for your Independence Day party? Of course not! It’s just as easy to pick out a Be Happy Bouquet to show you’re happy to have been invited, or a Beer Mug of Blooms because frankly it just looks awesome. It’s entirely up to you… and it only needs to be as complicated as you want to make it.

The important thing is to just enjoy the day… especially if you have it off. Decorate in a way that shows you’re proud to be American, that you’re happy you have a day set aside simply to display this pride, and then go out and display it. And enjoy the fireworks!

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