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Budgeting Your Buds: Cheap Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Budgeting Your Buds: Cheap Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Having been in the business of grand events like weddings, I can safely say most brides aren’t Bridezillas at all. They’re very nice women who want to make the memory of a lifetime, and to do so within their financial means. Yes, sometimes this is a stressful thing to try to do, and sometimes we get frustrated. Relax; there are ways to have the gorgeous, inexpensive wedding flowers you want without giving up the perfect dress or sacrificing on the reception menu. Here’s how.

Choose a Color, Not a Specific Flower

If you insist on a particular type of flower, you’ll have to pay full price for it even when those prices are highest, which isn’t a good way to get wedding flowers on a budget. Settle on the color you like, and allow the florist leeway in selecting the type for the best savings. Before you insist on all white, be aware that white blooms are often more expensive, because even the slightest discoloration makes the flower worthless. Florists have to charge more for the losses.

Go With Seasonal Blooms

Flower prices go up and down with the seasons. Let your florist advise you on the best prices for the date of your big day. Hint: if you hold your wedding during the holidays, most sanctuaries and wedding venues are already decorated, and you can get by with purchasing few or no flowers of your own.

Get a Few Larger Blooms Instead of Lots of Smaller Ones

Some flowers are so grandiose that a single bloom or a small cluster can stand as an entire arrangement. Ask about sunflowers, Delphinium, gladiola, or Gerbera daisies. Thick flowers, such as the hydrangea, fill up lots of space by themselves, reducing the number of blooms you have to buy.

Use the Same Flowers for the Service and Reception

Brides can save a bundle by having someone bring the arrangements to the reception after the service, eliminating the need for additional arrangements.

Rethink Your Bouquets

Bouquets for brides and bridesmaids are costly, but a few loose flowers neatly tied with a ribbon or bow make beautiful substitutes for less money. Also, consider tied flowers for honored guests, such as the mother of the bride, instead of the pricier corsage.

Substitute Peonies or Carnations for Roses

Peonies are attractive yet cheap flowers for weddings, less costly than the more popular rose. Carnations are cheap wedding flowers, readily available all year in a variety of colors, so these make excellent substitutes as well.

Rent Your Vases Instead of Buying

Many florists give you the option of renting your vases. Because you won’t likely have need for tons of flower vases for a while, and you probably don’t have room to store them in your new home or apartment, you can skip this expense entirely.

By making just a few concessions on the type and color of flower you choose, you can see substantial savings at the florist. You can also fill spaces with non-floral decorations, such as heirloom bowls and vases from your mothers and grandmothers. They’ll likely be honored you asked to include their memorabilia in your wedding.

Talk honestly with your florist. Most are more than willing to help brides get wonderful flowers within a small budget.

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