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Unique Ways To Pop The Big Question

Unique Ways To Pop The Big Question

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You may have noticed, as I have, that marriage proposals seem to increase with the arrival of the warm weather. A lovely park, zoo, or spring festival serves as the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Have you ever wondered about some well-known traditions related to proposals? This week my blog sheds some light on those traditions and gives you creative ideas on how to pop the question in a memorable way.

The History of Marriage Proposals

A man getting down on one knee is just one tradition related to marriage proposals. Back in the Middle Ages, a suitor would get down on one knee to propose to a courtly lady he wished to devote himself to. It is a sign of respect and devotion to the woman. Engagement rings date back to the Roman ages. A man gave a woman a gold ring as a sign of the agreement between them. In the 1800s, an increase in diamond mining would eventually lead to the popularity of diamond engagement rings.

Skip the Cliché Proposals

Picture a man proposing to a woman on the Jumbotron during a sports event. He expects her to say yes and she has other ideas. Or, a man arranges for the entire staff of a restaurant to sing a tune while he gets down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend. She is embarrassed and, unfortunately for him, not ready for marriage. These are just two examples of cliché proposals that can go wrong in a big way. Making your proposal privately and in a meaningful location could prove to be the wisest choice.

15 Creative Ways to Pop the Question

  1. Take your sweetheart to her favorite park for a picnic. Hide the engagement ring in the basket and when she discovers it, pop the question!
  2. Get a piece of colorful ribbon, hang the engagement ring on it, secure the ends and put it in your pocket. Take her to a neighborhood carnival and offer to play a game to win her a stuffed bear. After winning the bear, offer to carry it for her and secretly put the ribbon necklace on the bear. Later, hand the bear back to her and be ready to propose when she spots the ring.
  3. One cold morning, offer to start her car for her. Hang the engagement ring on her rearview mirror with a piece of ribbon. Walk out to her car with her, open her door and wait for the moment to arrive.
  4. Play a trivia board game with her. Secretly, switch one of the question cards with a card that reads, ‘Will you marry me?’
  5. Get one of her favorite romantic movies for movie night. Secretly, put the ring inside the DVD case and give it to her to open.
  6. Hang the engagement ring on her dog’s collar with a note that says, ‘Will you marry me?’ Be there when she greets the dog after getting home for work.
  7. If she loves breakfast cereal, use some plastic wrap to cover the engagement ring in its box and put it in the cereal box. Wait until she pours her cereal, then express surprise before popping the question!
  8. Give her a massage and when you get to her left hand, slip the engagement ring on her finger.
  9. If you have a bowl holding a goldfish, place the engagement ring on a rock or other decor in the bowl. Ask her to look in the bowl saying you see something strange. When she comes over to look, get ready to pop the big question.
  10. Secretly slip the engagement ring in the ice cube tray in the freezer. Then, when the two of you are watching television, ask her if she’d get you some more ice for your drink. Wait for her happy reaction when she looks in the tray.
  11. Go on a trip to the local zoo and sometime during the day take a break on a bench. Offer to buy her a favorite snack. If it’s popcorn, put the ring on top of the pile or if it’s ice cream place the ring where she can see it when you give her the cone. I have a friend whose boyfriend proposed this way. Now they visit the zoo every year on their wedding anniversary.
  12. Take her to a Mexican restaurant that has singers travelling from table to table to entertain diners. Arrange for them to come over to your table and play a romantic song. Choose that moment to give her the ring.
  13. Take a trip with your sweetie to a local lake. Suggest renting a canoe to tour the lake. Sneak away for a moment to hang the engagement ring on the life vest reserved for your girlfriend. She’ll discover it making your canoe ride even more romantic.
  14. Take her to her favorite coffee place and offer to get her coffee at the counter while she finds a table. Ask the person behind the counter for one cup of coffee and an empty cup. Put the engagement ring in the empty coffee cup. Sit down at the table, sip your coffee and give her the cup with the engagement ring in it. Be sure to get her a full cup of coffee after she says yes.
  15. Go to the beach with your honey. Spend some time building a sandcastle with towers or find one that someone built on the beach. Choose your moment and place the engagement ring on one of the towers. Ask your sweetie over and say, ‘Checkout this castle. It’s awesome.’

Good luck going forth and popping the big question. I hope it is a memorable moment for the both of you!

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