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Avas Flowers Adds A New Van To Delivery Fleet

Avas Flowers Adds A New Van To Delivery Fleet

Avas Flowers Delivery Van

Avas Flowers is happy to announce the addition of a delivery van to our fleet! To meet with the demands of our loyal customers, we’ve purchased a new van to increase our route efficiency. 

Our drivers work very hard to make sure that we reach your recipients in a timely manner, after all, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority! [more]

The new van will bring deliveries to recipients at their homes and places of business, and anywhere else we can reach and make deliveries to.

The new van is making its first run today, September 21th, 2011 to local recipients. We’ve redesigned the van to ensure the safe delivery of arrangements. 

A special structure was built to create safe guards that will prevent shifting or tipping, and guarantee that your carefully chosen arrangement will arrive in perfect condition. 

Not only is it designed with the most optimal components for delivery, it’s stylish! The van is displays our logo and colors, so when you see it drive by, you know someone’s about to smile!

Our van is a welcomed addition and our drivers are very excited. They’ve already begun to place bets on who gets to claim it!

It’s a breath of fresh air for our shop and customers, and everyone is motivated to provide customers with even better service than before.

The new van allows us to manage orders better and recipients will have a shorter wait for their exciting bouquets! Our aim is to cut down delivery times, get arrangements to recipients even faster, while ensuring that the arrangements remain in great quality.

 We also hope to reduce the number of next-day re-deliveries, since we’ll have a greater capacity to reach recipients who aren’t home or available to receive their arrangements.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support. Our customers and their recipients are the best part of our day. 

Floral delivery is not just about flowers, its about delivering happiness and smiles. We look forward to delivering more arrangements to someone special.

There is no doubt that that Avas Flowers van will bring a sense of excitement and anticipation to those who see it pass by. You already know, when our van’s in town, someone’s about to be really happy and it could be you!

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