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Flowers for Your First Anniversary

Flowers for Your First Anniversary

An anniversary is a treasured occasion that symbolizes the love a couple shares for each other. For first anniversary flowers, it’s recommended to send two dozen red and white roses.

Two dozen roses are recommended over one dozen as it is a fantastic display that shows everlasting love and commitment. Each anniversary is a special one and the flowers you chose can mean so much more than just the kind gesture.[more]

Each rose color has a more specific symbolic meaning. White and red together show unity. Unity is a representation of the love, trust and compassion shared within the relationship.

Symbolic Meaning

Red roses symbolize the passionate love in the relationship while the white symbolizes the purity. Together the arrangement bonds the two factors to represent the unity. Roses are a classic flower symbolizing romance.

Since ancient times, roses have been an excellent choice to send for a romance occasion. Roses have been around for over 35 million years. It has only been within the last 700 years that roses have been associated with humans and love.

Romantic Origin

It had originally started with Valentines Day, a holiday invented in honor of Saint Valentine in 500AD a dozen roses or a single rose was given as a romantic gesture. Ever since roses have evolved to other occasions and are a classic choice for anniversaries.

First anniversary flowers can mean so much more than “I love you!” and when your special recipient sees the roses, they’ll light up knowing that they mean something special, tailored to your relationship.

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