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Assorted Flower-based Crafts for Special Events

Assorted Flower-based Crafts for Special Events

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m ‘crafty’, but I do love seeing the imaginative crafts that people use as decorations for engagement parties, weddings and baby shower celebrations. I’m always on the lookout for unique crafts that contribute to the celebratory tone of an occasion. So, I thought I would share some appealing craft ideas to inspire you and kick start your creativity.

Wedding Celebrations

I discovered a craft that’s sure to add elegance to any wedding ceremony or reception venue. It’s called a flower rose ball and it’s very simple to make. The necessary materials include: greening pins, a few floral foam balls, a roll of thick colorful ribbon, and a gathering of fresh roses in whatever colors you enjoy. First, trim each rose stem leaving just half an inch intact. Next, use a greening pin to attach a single rose to the floral foam ball. Continue pinning roses until the foam ball is completely covered. Make sure that no part of the foam ball is peeking through! When you finish with the roses, cut a two foot strip of ribbon from the roll and tie its ends together into a knot. Attach the knot to the floral foam ball with a greening pin. Now, you can hang flower rose balls in various places throughout the venue of your celebration. Flower rose balls can also be used to decorate church pews or wooden railings if you’re having a church wedding. Speaking of wedding day ideas with a flower theme, I found a lovely hydrangea and mum bouquet craft if you’re looking for a unique bridal bouquet. To make the bouquet more memorable be sure you use fresh flowers!

Special Invitations for an Engagement Party

I’ve noticed that lots of couples send engagement party invitations via email. I know this is the 21st century way to do things, but I have a suggestion if you want to put a little more thought and effort into your invites. Consider decorating your invitations with pressed flowers . You can press roses, daisies, hydrangeas or practically any other type of flower. This makes your invitations memorable and you can put one aside as a keepsake for your wedding scrapbook!

Baby Shower Celebrations

In my work as an event planner, I’ve helped to plan both elaborate and informal baby showers. One craft idea to use in the decor of an informal baby shower starts with a gathering of fresh flowers and a collection of glass baby food jars. First, trim the stems of the flowers making them about three inches long. Then, put one flower in each water-filled baby food jar. The baby food jars should be sparkling and free of any labels. You may want to fill the jars with daisies or another favorite of the mother-to-be. Tying a thin blue or pink ribbon around each jar can be a wonderful finishing touch. If you don’t have baby food jars you can also put the flowers in traditional glass baby bottles or even plastic ones.

If you’re hosting a baby shower held in a private room of a restaurant or in another more formal venue, you may want to make a couple of fresh flower wreaths using a variety of colorful flowers such as gerbera daisies, roses or orchids. This craft makes for a great centerpiece on a table and looks lovely hanging on a door. After the baby shower is over, you can give the wreaths to the mother-to-be to hang up in her home as a reminder of her fun celebration.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. If you’re hosting a celebration for a friend, incorporate some beautiful crafts into the decor. Your guest of honor is sure to appreciate your thoughtful efforts. Cheers! -Sophie

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