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7 Ways To Brighten Up Boring Walls

7 Ways To Brighten Up Boring Walls

When I begin planning a special event for a client, I make it a point to visit the venue so I can take some notes about the decor. I always take a close look at the walls of the room. Whether guests are walking into a host’s living room or a banquet hall, the walls are the first thing they see. So, why not leave your guests with a memorable first impression? This week my blog is all about how to brighten up those boring walls so they add to the fun tone of an occasion.

A Child’s Birthday Celebration

A child’s birthday party held at home is an ideal opportunity to go wild with your decorating ideas. Kids love a lot of color and lively touches when it comes to party décor. In many cases, a kid’s party has a particular theme. For instance, maybe your child loves all things related to the ocean. Perfect! You can make seashell lights to string around the walls of the room (see resource below for instructions). In addition, you can hang long blue streamers from the ceiling so they drape in front of each of the walls. Next, tape one end of a green streamer at the bottom edge of a wall. Then, tape the other end of the streamer at the halfway point the wall. Continue this process with several more green streamers. Before you know it, you’ll have an ocean of blue streamers and a gathering of green seaweed! As a finishing touch, ask your kid or kids to make watercolor paintings of various types of tropical fish and hang them on the walls.

Decorating the Walls of a Wedding Reception Hall

One of the most popular ways to brighten up the walls of a wedding reception venue is to hang LED curtains. You can buy these curtains or rent them. They give a plain wall an appealing glow and look especially elegant when adorned with draped fabric. These curtains are easy to set up and you can pat yourself on the back for being environmentally-friendly.

If you want a fun do-it-yourself idea for the walls of your wedding reception hall, you can make some balloon tulle bouquets. The white tulle serves as an attractive background for balloons of any color. These bouquets are easy to hang on a wall and easy to take down once the reception is over. Also, some flower balls made with fresh roses are a nice touch to hang around the venue’s walls.

A tutu style wreath made of all white tulle is another idea for brightening up the walls of your reception venue. You can easily hang them with white ribbon. Plus, if you make a few of these wreaths, the bride and groom may incorporate some of them into the décor of their new home.

Mad Men Party at Home

Finally, if you love the television show, you’re going to have a ball decorating the walls for a Mad Men party. One way to start is by finding old advertisements for cars, clothing, food, toys and furniture from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Look for some old catalogs and magazines at an antique shop. You can cut out the ads and display them in full color on the walls. Also, find some old vinyl records with 50s tunes and stick them to the walls. You may also want to visit some local yard sales and look for a man’s fedora as well as a few ladies hats from the 50s for your display. These wall decorations in combination with your 1950s style refreshments, music and costumed guests will make your Mad Men soiree a hit. Cheers! -Sophie

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