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The Best Apps For Identifying Plants And Flowers

The Best Apps For Identifying Plants And Flowers

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Have you ever wondered about the name of a plant in your garden or neighborhood? Or maybe you think you know the name of a particular flower but aren’t 100% sure. Now, you can get an app on your electronic device that helps you put a name to that mystery flower or plant. Here are a few that I recommend:

The Best Apps for Identifying Plants and Flowers

  • NatureGate: This app has information on more than 700 species of flowers to help you identify a bloom in your garden. Start the process by entering the location of the flower, its color, the shape of its leaves, and its approximate height. NatureGate sends you results that include a full-color photo of the flower along with pertinent facts about it. You can also create an observation diary to share info about the blooms you encounter with other flower enthusiasts.
  • Leafsnap: This is a free mobile app that is expert at helping you identify trees. All you have to do is use your phone to take a picture of a leaf, fruit, or cone on the unknown plant. Leafsnap identifies the plant’s species and provides some facts about it. This app is capable of identifying all types of trees that grow in the United States.
  • PlantSnapp: With this free app, you can leave the plant identification process to the professionals. First, take a picture of the unknown plant and upload it to PlantSnapp. Next, a team of experts identifies your plant and sends you its name within 24 hours. You also receive tips on where to plant this type of bloom and what you can do to help it flourish.
  • Audubon Wildflower App: Find out the name of a wildflower, a description of where it grows, when it blooms, and more! The experts at Audubon have put together an app that provides you with colorful photos of wildflowers, detailed maps, and quick facts. You can even record sightings of wildflowers in a virtual journal.
  • Like That Garden: After uploading a picture of the unfamiliar flower, you instantly receive results in the form of several full-color photos that feature potential matches. You choose the one that looks the most like your flower and push the confirm button. This app supplies you with a quick and easy way to get accurate results.
  • FlowerChecker: Discovering the name of a flower is a simple process with the FlowerChecker app. You simply snap a picture of the unknown flower, plant, or fungus and upload it to the app. Botanists study the photo and send you the name of the flower within 24 hours. In many cases, it takes these experts an hour or less to identify a flower. The experts who respond to your inquiry are real-life botanists, not a computer program.
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Helpful Gardening Apps

  • Burpee Garden Coach: This is a free app that allows you to communicate with gardening experts online and via text message. With this app, you can learn how to plant and maintain a beautiful backyard garden. Plus, you can choose to receive text messages to remind you of various maintenance tasks to perform in your garden!
  • The Plant Doctor: Do you have a plant that is looking a little sick? This inexpensive app evaluates the symptoms of your ailing plant and gives you a possible solution. If you need further help, a plant pathologist can take a closer look at your plant’s symptoms to offer advice.

I hope these apps help you to learn more about the flowers and plants all around you!

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