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21 Halloween Party Decor Ideas

21 Halloween Party Decor Ideas

As an event planner, I know that décor helps to set the tone of a party. Halloween gatherings are especially fun to plan because you can opt for a whimsical tone or really try to terrify your guests. I’ve worked on both types of parties and I’ll confess that I love to incorporate a scare or two into my plans. All in good fun, of course. The following are some ideas that can dress up the décor of a Halloween party to give all of your guests an unforgettable evening.

21 Halloween Party Decor Ideas

  • Spider Webs to Set the Scene– Learn how to make spiderwebs that you can drape around your party venue. Don’t forget to throw in some fake spiders!
  • A Scary Silhouette– An idea for scary cat silhouette to use on a wall of your Halloween party venue.
  • Decorating a Party Table– A gigantic spider, pumpkins, black crows and fall foliage serve as a creepy setting for all of your party refreshments.
  • A Party with a Pirate Theme– Create party décor that pays tribute to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean complete with vintage candlesticks and wine goblets!
  • A Festive Centerpiece– Look at a unique orange centerpiece that will add a festive touch to your fright night party.
  • A Simple Candle Holder with a Sweet Theme– Make several colorful candle holders to add to your Halloween party décor.
  • Dress Up Your Pumpkins– Consider going a step beyond the traditional party pumpkins with these simple decorating ideas.
  • Candy Corn Candle Holders– Create some candle holders with a treat and a fragrance your party guests will love.
  • Spider Decor– If you want to boost the creep-factor of your Halloween party décor follow the steps of this spider craft.
  • A Haunted Tree– This is an elaborate piece of décor that has the potential to become a highlight of your party!
  • A Mason Jar Lantern– Add to the eerie atmosphere of a soiree by making some of these Mason jar lanterns with a monster twist.
  • Creep Spiders into the Decor– Consider adding these easy to make spiders to the décor of your October 31stparty.
  • Invite Some Bats to the Party– Put together this simple craft and place it on a refreshment table or window sill at the party venue.
  • Spooky Lighting– Create unique lighting for the party décor and reuse milk bottles at the same time.
  • A Gathering of Bats– Construct a gathering of bats to decorate the walls of your party venue.
  • Scary Window Silhouettes– Set up some scary silhouettes in the windows of your venue to greet guests as they walk up to join the party.
  • Table Decor with Sinister Style– Check out the table décor for an October 31st party that includes a collection of wine bottle candle holders that help to create an atmosphere perfect for ghost stories.
  • A Frightening Wreath– Decorate a wall or the door of your party venue with a wreath that features googly eyes.
  • Tissue Paper Pumpkins– You can make these flexible pumpkins and hang them on the walls or set them on tables to contribute to the Halloween party décor.
  • Decorate the Lampshades– These spiders and spider webs are perfect for decorating the lighting in your venue.
  • A Table Setting with Scary Style – Try this table setting that incorporates a gargoyle as a centerpiece.

These ideas will help you get started on the décor for your next Halloween gathering. With a little imagination, you can make your party the most memorable one of the season.

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