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14 One Of A Kind Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14 One Of A Kind Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The best advice I can give to someone who’s looking for a gift on Valentine’s Day is to take the time to consider the recipient’s tastes and interests; a thoughtful gift giver can never go wrong!For my blog this week, I thought I’d offer some gift suggestions to those who need a little inspiration before the big day arrives.

14 One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. A Custom Snow Globe – Put a romantic photo of you and your sweetie, or maybe you and your kids, if they want to do something special, too, inside the snow globe. This is a personalized Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to be treasured.
  2. A Basket of Wine and Chocolates – Arrange a few favorite bottles of wine and delectable chocolates in a decorative basket. After the wine and chocolate are gone, your loved one can make the basket part of a room’s décor.
  3. A Collection of Scented Bath Crystals – If your sweetheart loves to take long, luxurious soaks in the tub, get an attractive jar of lavender bath salt crystals and decorate it with ribbon. This can be done with bath salt crystals of practically any color.
  4. A Tasy S’mores Basket – This basket has all of the ingredients a loved one needs to create some delicious S’mores any time of the year! I’d say this gift is just about perfect for someone with a sweet tooth.
  5. A Personalized Wall Calendar – If you have at least twelve photos of you and your sweetheart, put them together into a calendar. You can easily accomplish this with the help of an employee at a local copy shop. You can choose a photo for each month and even put captions beneath each picture! It is a unique way to stay in someone’s mind all year long!
  6. A Rosette Heart in a Picture Frame – This is a creative gift that is easy to make and it’s a keepsake that a loved one can enjoy looking at each day.
  7. Ten Favorite Things – Make a list of things that your sweetheart adores. Besides you! You may end up filling a box or basket with ten types of candy, ten colors of nail polish or ten CDs. Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.
  8. A Special Breakfast for One – This is an ideal gift from a husband to his busy wife. Instead of letting the kids wake her up on V-Day, make a breakfast that includes heart-shaped pancakes, strawberry syrup, and her favorite tea or juice. Put a rose in a delicate vase on a tray and take her breakfast to her in bed. If you can surprise her with breakfast on Valentine’s Day morning, she will be thrilled!
  9. A Gathering of DVDs – Get your sweetheart five or six of his or her favorite movies on DVD. Be sure to put them in a box with a colorful ribbon.
  10. A Special Drawing – Hire a local artist who specializes in making drawings based on photographs. Give the artist a photo of you and your sweetheart or one that features your children. A piece of artwork like this is sure to touch the heart of your loved one.
  11. Make a Batch of Brownies with a Raspberry Twist – These delicious treats are sure to impress the chocolate lover in your life!
  12. Coffee Galore! – Purchase a cute mug that expresses how you feel about your loved one and put it in a box with several of his or her favorite coffee blends.
  13. Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne – Make a dozen or more chocolate covered strawberries and serve them up with a bottle of champagne on the special day. You can substitute sparkling cider for the champagne if you prefer.
  14. A Key Chain with a Bit of Extra Significance – Purchase a simple key chain and engrave a loving message on it for your sweetheart. He or she will have the chain for years to come and it will serve as a constant reminder of you!

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

– Sophie

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