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You’ve Got a Friend In Me: Celebrating Friendship Day with Flowers

You’ve Got a Friend In Me: Celebrating Friendship Day with Flowers

It seems the calendar year is full of days to express our love and appreciation to family members, but there are many people outside our immediate family who mean so much in our lives. Hence, in 1935, Congress established National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of each August. This year, Friendship Day falls on August 4.

The United States isn’t the only country which recognizes a special day of friendship, and around the world certain flowers have held special meanings for friends to express to one another. Though the yellow rose is the “official” Friendship Day flower, you have lots of options for expressing exactly what you want to say to your dear friend.

Common Flowers That Mean “Friendship”

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If you’d like to send cut flowers, iris and chrysanthemum also mean friendship in floriography (the language of flowers). Any color blooms will do, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to the friendly yellow of roses. Consider blooms in her favorite color, or in the school colors of your alma mater, or even in colors to match the decor of her home. Pear blossoms are also a symbol of friendship, though you might not get your hands on any during August.

Instead of friendship flowers, many givers instead send a living plant. Ivy and the arborvitae shrubs are both symbols of friendship. However, if you send the plant to her home or office, ivy is much more manageable. You can have the florist adorn the ivy with blooms of posies or daisies, or attach a special note to express your sentiment.

Unique Flower Messages for a Special Friend

Crocus is the flower of cheerfulness, available in white, purple, yellow, lavender, and even stripes. Send a crocus to impart cheerfulness to your dear friend or to tell her how much cheer she’s brought into your life. Daisy is the flower of, “I’ll never tell,” the ideal sentiment for a friend for whom you’re harboring her deepest secrets. Forget-me-nots are the flower of memories, the perfect flower to send the friend with whom you share so many special memories.

Did you enjoy sports or games with your friend? Hyacinth is the flower of sports and games, a way to tell your friend how much these special times mean to you. Pink roses are the flower of grace and joy, the ideal sentiment for the graceful friend who has brought so much joy into your life. Is she a friend from childhood? The white rosebud is the flower of girlhood, and times past that you enjoyed together.

Some of our friends now live far away. The zinnia is the friendship flower of absence, a way to tell her that though you’re apart, she still means so much to you. Zinnias come in a range of color choices, including white, red, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Want to wish your special friend good luck? Bells of Ireland are the perfect flower to express this wish.

Explore Your Options

Though yellow roses are the most heavily marketed flower for Friendship Day, don’t put your friendship in such a tight box. Send her any flower — in any color — that you know will make her day extra special. Better yet, send a bouquet of several flowers to express all the ways she’s touched your life.

Order soon, because August 4 is right around the corner!

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