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What To Plant In Fall, To Enjoy In Spring

What To Plant In Fall, To Enjoy In Spring

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When I think of planting, I immediately visualize myself working in my garden with the warm spring breezes blowing all around me. But it turns out that autumn is also a great time for planting. One of the best things about planting in the fall is it helps stir up excitement about the vegetables and flowers you’ll be seeing in the springtime. This week, I thought I’d share some of the benefits of planting in the fall as well as give you some ideas about what to plant. Enjoy!

Why Should I Plant in the Fall?

One of the biggest benefits of planting in the fall is you don’t have to deal with all of the pests that are around in the springtime. Flies, mosquitoes, and gnats disappear when the cooler temperatures set in. Another benefit of planting at this time of year is that the soil is still soft and warm. The roots of vegetables and flowers have a chance to begin to establish themselves in the soil before the ground hardens. Also, if you’re a savvy shopper like I am, there are many bargains to be found at farmers’ markets as well as in the garden department at your local home improvement store. Plus, I find I have a little more free time in the fall before the holidays begin to arrive. I hope it’s the same for you.

What to Plant in the Fall


Polar pansies are excellent candidates for fall planting. If you plant polar pansies in well-drained soil, they’re likely to appear even before the cold weather has disappeared. Pansies can be white, blue, purple, orange, red, or yellow. When shopping for pansies, gently remove each flower from the package to check its roots. You want to see healthy white roots as opposed to stifled brown ones.

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Planting turfgrass in the fall is another way to boost the look of your yard for spring. This is called dormant seeding. The seeds you put down are protected by the snow during winter. Planting turfgrass now can give you a thicker, more appealing lawn in the springtime.

Trees and Shrubs

Fall is an excellent time to plant a tree or shrub. The warm ground allows roots to grow and become even stronger with the arrival of spring. Plus, trees and shrubs have plenty of moisture in the fall as opposed to the dry summer weather. Some examples of trees to plant in the fall include elms, buckeyes, pines, and sycamores.

Cool-Weather Vegetables

There are plenty of vegetables that are perfect for planting in the warm soil this time of year. Some examples include spinach, garlic, onions, carrots, and radishes. Won’t it be wonderful to enjoy these vegetables in a salad next spring?

Spring Bulbs

Plant tulip bulbs in the fall and your garden will be awash in bright colors come springtime! Other bulbs to plant now include daffodils, bluebells, crocus, grape hyacinth, and don’t forget your spring starflowers. It’s best to plant your bulbs about eight inches deep in well-drained soil.

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Many perennials available for fall planting can resist late frosts and really begin to flourish with the arrival of spring. Astilbes, spider wort, coneflowers, Gloriosa daisies, and phlox are just a few of the perennials that can be early spring bloomers. Be sure to dig a hole that is big enough for the roots of each perennial to spread out and thrive.

My advice for you this fall is to keep on planting so you can set the tone for a lovely spring garden!

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