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A Hello from Sophie and How to Make Things Special

A Hello from Sophie and How to Make Things Special

Greetings! My name is Sophie, and I’m thrilled to tell you about my latest life adventure. After years in the event planning business in New York, I’ve partnered with the innovative, creative Ava Rose and her amazing floral business. Together, we’re redefining the boundaries of an ordinary floral shop and offering new, exciting ways for our clients to express their feelings. Whether it’s congratulations, condolences, well-wishes, or just because, these floral designs allow you to say what you need to say with an array of beautiful plants and flowers.

How to Make Things Special

As an event planner in New York City, I’ve learned what makes the most special occasions stick in our minds: stepping out of the comfort boundaries of the ordinary and into something new and unique. Parties, weddings, and other events are simply more special when they go above and beyond what’s expected.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you to a fresh and unusual way of honoring the men in your life: flowers for him. Fathers and husbands have, unfortunately, grown accustomed to gifts like ties, funny T-shirts, and socks to mark their special calendar days. But, just like the women in their lives, they enjoy something unexpected and fresh occasionally.

Flowers for Fathers

Fathers Day flowers are created especially for the men who make parenting one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs on earth. There are arrangements for the sports fan, penny pincher, bonsai lover, and so many others. Though most men won’t come out and say they love receiving flowers, they certainly appreciate your efforts to step out of the Father’s Day rut and send something interesting.

For example, consider sending your beer connoisseur a Beer Mug of Blooms. For the father who always explained his aversion to your request for a pony with, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” there’s an endearing Father’s Day Money Tree. Baseball fans would adore a Home Run Baseball Bouquet. The selections are generous so you can find the ideal bouquet or plant for your special guy.

Father’s Day flowers are a way to step out of the ordinary gift rut and into a special new way of expressing everything he means to you. Flowers for Father’s Day are ideal for daddy, hubby, brother, step pop, the doting uncle, and any man who makes it their lofty goal to help raise the next generation.

Choices for Dad

So, instead of endowing dear old Dad with the predictable tie this year, consider a floral arrangement or living plant to let him know how truly special he is. Arrangements can be delivered to his home or office, so you can surprise him even if you won’t be in town for the special day. These arrangements are the ideal solution for gift givers who are off at college or live in a different city when Dad’s special day rolls around.

If your father isn’t much into plants or flowers, consider an arrangement of fresh fruits. This makes a gorgeous, healthful treat for the special man in your life, and is the perfect solution for fathers who are trying to be careful about their diet. There truly is a choice for everyone.

Happy Father’s Day!

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