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How To Choose Spray Funeral Flower Arrangements

How To Choose Spray Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Spray

Spray funeral flower arrangements offer a big and showy display. They are typically found on top of the casket or a standing display. They come in several different sizes, suitable for any service.

Almost any bloom can be used to create these special bouquets. This includes both traditional and non-traditional flower blooms. Any color, or color combination can be used as well, if desired.[more]

What Are Spray Funeral Flower Arrangements?

Spray flower arrangements for funerals are often lush and showy. They typically feature long leaves or greenery with bold flowers. Filler plants, such as baby’s breath, may also be added to them.

Solid color creations are often popular for showing sympathy. These are typically white, red or yellow for most creations. These are traditional colors that are acceptable for every service.

Specialty mixes, such as all pink or all blue, can also be created. These are often found at services for a younger child who has passed. They may feature youthful additions, such as a toy or ribbon.

Choose The Appropriate Flowers For Funeral Services

The appropriate flowers for funeral services can vary for some. Some may feel that any flower is appropriate, and opt for variety. Others may insist on tradition and prefer more modest options.

For modest options, smaller floral sprays are typically favored. These are often put on the casket itself, or on top of the grave. These tend to incorporate greenery as well as roses or day lilies.

Larger displays are also acceptable for a traditional service. The flower selection is still kept tasteful, often in white or red. Traditional bloom options are also incorporated in the design.

For more modern options, almost any flower or color can be used. This includes exotic tropical blooms, such as orchids or bromeliads. Living plant arrangements may also be chosen for modern services.

Color combinations, such as pink and red, are popular with some. These are often used to create tribute sprays for loved ones. Smaller touches, such as flags, may also be added to the spray.

When smaller touches are added, careful planning is necessary. This planning ensures that the touches are added tastefully. Without this, the display can look cluttered or unprofessional.

Make Necessary Flower Arrangements For Funerals

Making arrangements for floral services is simple with professionals. Professional florists understand the sensitive nature of funerals. Because of this, many are able to help anticipate any floral needs.

One of the key needs is to have adequate coverage for the service. This includes a floral display placed either on or in the casket. The size of this can vary, depending on the family’s preferences.

Sprays can be placed on top of the casket during closed services. They may also be placed on the lower half when it is semi-closed. For semi-closed caskets, larger spray displays are often recommended.

Standing easel options allow for them to be easily moved around. This sometimes becomes necessary for the viewing or any tributes. Some may also prefer to move them to make room for all of the blooms.

When planning to order funeral flowers, it is important to plan ahead. This means understanding the options available for the time of year.

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