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Halloween Flowers

Halloween Flowers

October is all about Halloween! We can’t wait, and in anticipation of this quickly-approaching holiday, why not begin decorating with Halloween flowers? Using floral centerpieces and bouquets to decorate for Halloween is a wonderful way to showcase your creative talents and add a natural touch to your home.

Use autumn colors and seasonal fall flowers for your home this month! And don’t forget to add spooky accents. Some of the best Halloween flowers are seasonal, in colors of black, orange, yellow, dark red and dark purple.

The sunflower is one of our favorite October flowers! They do an excellent job at brightening up the darkest of spaces; they’re like little bits of sunshine in the home. The French word for sunflower is tournesol, which literally means “turn with the sun”, and sunflowers do just that. They capture all the sunrays so you can have them home when the sun isn’t around as much! Ideal for taking shelter from the fall chills.

Chrysanthemums are in season in the garden and they are also always available at florists. They come in all of these Halloween colors naturally except for black. It symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. 

The dahlia is another fall flower that is available in Halloween colors. The perfect seasonal bloom to center a bouquet. 

Roses and carnations are classic favorites always available at the florist and they can be dyed in any color you like, even black.  We also have a list of some naturally spooky and bizarre flowers that any Halloween lover will appreciate.

Some of the best October flowers are created by nature and need no further help to be bizarre or spooky. Just look at the bat flower: this nearly-black flower features “wings” like bat wings and long whiskers that make it look like something from an alien planet. Sometimes you can find these plants around Halloween. 

Then there is the corpse-scented dark red and black voodoo lily that looks equally strange. The eyeball plant is an annual with flowers that look like yellow and orange eyeballs; it also numbs the mouth in case you have some mad, evil dentists running around your party. 

I have to mention carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap, nepenthes, and sarracenias; they may not be flowers, but their spook factor is high. Tuck them amidst some red cockscomb, which resembles a brain, or within some weird octopus orchids or bat-faced cup head. For a more light-hearted flower, choose candy corn vine; the flowers look just like the candy.

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